Toxic Tutoring

When Gabriella Martinez, being the clumsy dork she is, accidentally injures the school's most popular jock, she has been ordered to assist him with his school work every afternoon as a repayment. It's obvious that Colton, in all his teenage hotness, has got Gabriella's attention.


2. Chapter 1 - Rumor has it

Gabriella's POV

The oh so annoying sound of my alarm clock burst my lovely dreams. I reached my arm out to turn off my alarm clock and grab my glasses. I sat up putting on my glasses on and walking off to the bathroom with a dull and tired look. When I looked decent enough, I headed downstairs with my backpack hung around one shoulder greeting my mother.

"Morning mom" I smile. I sat down tapping my fingers on the table as I waited for my breakfast. 

"Morning sweetie." She says with a delightful tone. She slid down the bacon from the pan and onto my plate. 

When I finished eating, I walked out waving goodbye to my mom. I hopped onto my bike and roamed down the streets until I reached my school and parking my bike. I walked over to where my 'zone' is, as I explained earlier, but this time I was more cautious with my actions. As I walked along the side, I couldn't but help but notice the whispers and mumbles around me and when I looked around I received a few glares and looks. I'm terrified, what the hell is going on?! I walked with a faster paste, avoiding the looks and running off to English. 

I walked in sitting around the middle section of the classroom. The whole period I couldn't pay attention, which is unlike me. completely unlike me. I just get the whole 'mumbling', 'whispers' and 'glares'. As the bell rang, I walked to my locker where I saw Felicity.

"Hey! what happened?!" She exclaimed, her voice louder than usual.

"what do you mean?" I asked, my eyebrows furrowed. I put away my books and my bag grabbing my lunch, walking off with Felicity.

"What do I mean? Are you serious? It's practically the hottest topic of gossip today!" She said with a 'duh' tone, throwing her hands up.

"Just tell me" I sighed with a roll of my eyes.

"You shoving Colton Diaz! it's what every human alive is talking about!" She exaggerated.

Is she freaking serious? everyone knows about it?.

"Hold on, wait. They think I intentionally pushed him?" I question her. No, no, no! crud, crud,crud! She just nodded as a reply. We walked out and I followed her out to the cafeteria. When I walked in it instantly became awkward, I walked over to where we collected our food and grabbed a tray and a carton of milk using it as a shield to cover my face from the stares that I think of as weapons at the moment. We walked over to an empty table. I turned to my best friend Felicity and telling by her awkward movements and less eye contact with me I could immediately see she didn't want to be here right now. Being her best friend and knowing it will wear off I stood up understanding.

"I'll be at the library during lunch for today." I say before giving a small smile and left. 

I walked over to the library, greeting the librarian. I drifted off to where the fiction novels where grabbing a book and sitting down reading it for the rest of the break. 

_ After school_

Okay, so I was preparing to meet up with Colton at his car. Did I mention he has crutches? no? Well he does because apparently he can't stand right. What have I done! I walked to the parking lot at the front of our school, immediately spotting Colton. A smirk painted across his lips as I walked closer towards him, Is it bad I'm scared? I honestly am having trouble with this challenge.


Hey guys! so short chapter :-/ sorry >.< I just never get the time for it.

Please let me know what you think so far :) 



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