I don't want to be your Princess

“You seem angry.” The low voice I had grown so accustomed too rose a blush to my cheeks. "You’re late and you expect me to be sprightly when you finally grace me with your presence." He chuckled softly, coming closer until the sparkle in his bright blue eyes became all I could see anymore. "I'm sorry Princess, what do you want me to do about it?" The red returned to my cheeks, but this time in irritation. I gathered the fabric of his kilt in my hands and pulled him infinitely closer. My lips grazed his just slightly as I growled, "I don't want to be your Princess."


1. The Arrivals

The sun started to rise slowly, peeking out from behind the thick trees surrounding the soft tuff of ground I was laying in. The glittering sun rays glow a kinda orange on the leaves. I could faintly hear the birds start to sing their morning tune. It was so beautiful out here.

I felt a bump on my foot and a small whiny from Angus. I sit up patting him on the neck.

“Alright, Angus I’m gettin’ up.” Chuckling I jump up and brush off my dress. I grab the hair at the base of Angus’s mane, and in one swoop mount his back. “Go on boy!” He takes off at full speed, making me shout with glee. The wind rushed through my hair, the smell of freedom engulfed all my senses. It was perfect.

Home approached quickly, but lately I haven’t been dreading the idea of home. Ever since three months ago when mum was turned into a bear and all, things have been calm and fun even. Mum has been happy and carefree. Dad’s been his usual jovial self; and the boys are as mischievous as ever.

Angus rides straight up to his stable, immediately starting to nibble on the fresh hay laid out for his breakfast. I slide down, smoothing down my knappie hair. “I’ll bring ya some oats later boy.” His tail swishes up to hit me in the butt. “Alright, no oats then,” I chuckle quickly running up to the kitchen door.

Everyone was bustling around, food flying everywhere. Maudie was getting herself up into a tapsalteerie running around all red in the face. She turns around, her eyes landing on me. “Oh thank the Lord! There ye’re Merida! Where have you been? Your mother’s been looking all over for ye!” She walked over to me and started smoothing down my hair. I swivel away from Maudie’s prying hands, grab an apple and slink out of the hectic kitchen. To make sure I didn’t hurt Maudie’s feelings I turn back before the door closes and see that Maudie goes straight back to working not bothered at all.

The entire castle looked as if the sky was about to fall on their heads. It looked as if the entire village crammed themselves into the throne room. And they weren’t exactly quiet, or in any order either. Squeezing myself through the crowd, I make it to my room in one piece, and find my mother waiting for me.

“Mum? What’s all the commotion downstairs?”

Mum smiled and patted the spot on the bed next to her. I frowned but sat down. Nothing good could come from that smile. I was about to hear something that I know I wouldn’t like. Mum took my hands in hers, and patted them. “Well, Merida as you know your father and I are not pressuring you into anything you feel you’re not ready for. But certain circumstances have arisen that make it necessary for you to at least consider your options.”

I look up at her, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “What in the world, Mum? You’re talking styte.”

She sighed. “The three lords are arriving today… along with their sons. They come to try and win your heart, dear.” I felt my jaw drop.

“You have got to be joking. Mother, I thought we settled that I wasn’t ready!” Hopping off the bed I started to pace back and forth.

“I know Merida, I tried to stop them. But it came to the point that it was either they all come here and try, or war between us.”

I stomp my foot and turn toward my mother. “It wasn’t four months ago that they all agreed to let us choose for ourselves!”

Mum chuckled through her nose. “Oh deary you know the lords can be a wee bit thrawn.”

I roll my eyes and flop back on the bed. Stubborn is one thing, plain defiance is another. Great, now I’m gonna have to endure time with “my suitors”. I groan and roll over, smothering my face into my pillow.

“How long?” I mumble wishing I could disappear for the day… or maybe the year. Mum rubs my back soothingly. “Only a week… at first”

I groan again. “When do they get here?” There was silence, and when I looked up Mum was giving me a sheepish look. She finally opened her mouth to say something, but before she could the welcoming horn sounded, signaling that the lords have already arrived.

“Ugh, Mum!”

“I know! I know dear, but all you have to do is spend time with them. No picking or choosing, I promise.” She fixed a stray curl behind my ear and kissed the top of my head. “Now come on, we should go and greet the lords.” She stood and pulled some of her long hair over her shoulders. “God only knows what would happen if we didn’t.”

I chuckled, knowing chaos would ensue if we left everyone down their without a proper royal welcome.


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