Anabelle Styles Winters.....hmm the middle name sounds abit familiar..
Her life has been a roller coaster since she was separated from her mum, brother and sister. it became more difficult when her father dies in an unexpected car crash..but soon she settles with her foster parents...and becomes great friends with her neighbours daughter, Olivia Munroe. when Anabelle's foster parents and Olivia's parents die in an unexpected bomb explosion, they moved together and meet new people. this is when their adventure starts.
What will happen when the girls meet one direction unexpectedly?
will Anabelle be reunited with someone she lost contact with 15 years ago?
will both the girls find love?
or....will it end with a tragic?
read unexpected to find out :) hope u enjoy


2. Tomlinson?

Anabelles P.O.V

Ahh Max breners at last.. It's been a while since I came here and I'm craving for a hot chocolate in a hug mug. It's only then I can actually get away from life, away from my past..away from reality. My hot chocolate came and I sat at the only table free. It wasn't as quiet as I wished, since the shop was packed but oh well, I got what I wanted so meh. I sat there staring at my book, but I wasn't reading it, I was thinking. Thinking about life, thinking about how my ex thought he can have sex with the slut two houses away, and thinking about my long gone family. When I mean long gone, I don't mean they're dead, I mean yeah my dad is but my brother, sister and mum are still out there, not knowing I'm around. It's sad that my brother and I only knew each other for three years when we were separated. I was only 6 and he was 3, as for my sister I never really knew her. She was in my mums tummy when my dad and I left.  When I was 12 my dad died in an unexpected car crash and I was taken into foster care till I was 18, I became good friends with my next door neighbour, Olivia Munroe, she's only a year younger than me, so we got along just fine. But then again my life had to go down hill, and of course Olivia joined me on that ride. My foster parents and her parents died in an unexpected suicidal bomb explosion. But now we live together in an apartment, and..

I was pulled away from my thoughts when a guy, around my age asked to sit on on my table, and me being me said yea sure.

"Thanks." He said with a warm smile. But something about him made me feel like I've seen him around. He looked so familiar,piercing blue eyes and brown hair in a quiff type thing, he had a

sharp chin and he just looked amazingly hot!

"N-no problem, uhh my names Anabelle, but call me Belle," I said holding my hand out.

"Louis," he said as he shook hands, and I swear I felt a spark, but who am I to think I'm gonna get a guy any time soon. Look at me, I am nothing but a plain girl who falls hard for one guy, and takes ages to rise back up,or in other words to move on.

We had a small chat her and there, but something about him, kept me questioning, and to be honest it was getting to me, 

"Who are you," I blurted out, but realising what I said I looked down, feeling warmth in my cheeks I quickly said,

"I mean like, you look so familiar and it keeps bugging me that you might I don't know be my long lost brother or some stalker." I ended with a chuckle.

"Louis, Louis the "Tommo".." I cut him off and said well more like questioned,


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