Anabelle Styles Winters.....hmm the middle name sounds abit familiar..
Her life has been a roller coaster since she was separated from her mum, brother and sister. it became more difficult when her father dies in an unexpected car crash..but soon she settles with her foster parents...and becomes great friends with her neighbours daughter, Olivia Munroe. when Anabelle's foster parents and Olivia's parents die in an unexpected bomb explosion, they moved together and meet new people. this is when their adventure starts.
What will happen when the girls meet one direction unexpectedly?
will Anabelle be reunited with someone she lost contact with 15 years ago?
will both the girls find love?
or....will it end with a tragic?
read unexpected to find out :) hope u enjoy


3. omg

Belles P.O.V 

"Yea aha," Louis agreed, as he looked towards the ground.

I stared at him in shock, how did I not notice. 

What do I say now, I mean his like one fifth of one direction, he has an amazing smile, a sexy voice, and ugh.

"You don't have to say anything love, just give me your number and uh we'll hang out some time? Oh and thanks," Louis said, with hint of red in his cheeks.

"That would be uh, wait shit did I say the other things out loud?"  I asked, I could feel the heat rushing to my face as I looked up to see Louis smiling like an idiot.

"Maybeee...." he concluded.

After a little chat we decided it was time to leave, we handed each other our numbers and headed our own ways. 


I entered the flat with the biggest smile on my face.

"Liviiii, I'm hoooome" I scream and I hear the her bedroom door open and slam. Olivia walks into the living room, where i sat on the couch. Her blonde hair in a bun, and her eyes slightly red. 

"Hey Belle," she says. Her voice sounding as dull as her face looked. I knew something was wrong and could not help but feel like it has something to do with Mike, her cocky boyfriend. Easy to say, I have and never will be a fan of him. 

"What's wrong?" I asked, worry evident in my voice as she sat down on the couch in front. 

"I broke up with him Belle. The jerk cheated on me. And can you believe it, he cheated on me with Taylor, the fucking slut from high school." tears slowly welling in her eyes. 

I gave her the "he is not worth it talk" and told her it was the best. We blocked the jerks numbers, and after I told her about Louis, decided on ice cream therapy and pretty little liars.



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