Anabelle Styles Winters.....hmm the middle name sounds abit familiar..
Her life has been a roller coaster since she was separated from her mum, brother and sister. it became more difficult when her father dies in an unexpected car crash..but soon she settles with her foster parents...and becomes great friends with her neighbours daughter, Olivia Munroe. when Anabelle's foster parents and Olivia's parents die in an unexpected bomb explosion, they moved together and meet new people. this is when their adventure starts.
What will happen when the girls meet one direction unexpectedly?
will Anabelle be reunited with someone she lost contact with 15 years ago?
will both the girls find love?
or....will it end with a tragic?
read unexpected to find out :) hope u enjoy


4. Meeting 1D

Belles P.O.V

It has been three weeks since i met Louis, and things have been great. We texted, called and even skyped. Knowing the real him and talking to him felt amazing. I feel like every time I talk to him, i smile. Every time i see is face i get butterflies in my stomach. And now when he asks Liv and I to come meet One direction, i get nervous. 

It is fair to say that I Anabelle Styles Winters am shitting her self, oh and Olivia Munroe was hyped as fuck. It was 2:00 pm and we were to be at the boys house around 5pm, so we decided to get ready. I left my hair in its natural curls, and put on clear contacts over my green eyes. Yep, I said green eyes. I put on a bit of make up and then looked in the mirror. I was wearing black Tight skinny jeans, and a plain light blue top. I grabbed my 

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