The One *Completed*

This story is about a girl Amanda who starts feeling more of an outcast then ever. She sees things that others can't. It not only confuses her, but it scares her.


2. Who Are You?

 Who Are You? 

I wake up the next morning. I sit up and go to my dresser. I take off my shirt.

"Another show eh?" I throw my shirt back on and spin around. I pull out a knife and put it to his neck.

"Who the heck are you?" I say.

"I don't want trouble." He said putting his hands up.

"Who are you?" He rolled his eyes.

"How many times can you ask that question?"

"As many times as needed until I get an answer."

"My name is Jake. My boss went me here to tell you something."

"Then why do you always come in when I'm getting naked?"

"You're the first girl I've been assigned to in a while. I was trying ot enjoy the show." I roll my eyes.

"What do you have to tell me."

"Once you move the knife I'll tell you." I move it.

"Speak up."

"Um, you are a part of a group of people passed down from generation to generation. You are a part of a legacy."

"Keep talking."

"Um, you are a twentieth generation legacy. You need protected."

"Yeah from hoes like you."

"I'm not kidding you are in great danger. You see things others can't. You hear things others won't. You Amanda are special."


"You are hunter."

"A what?"

"A hunter. You hunt people from the dark side."

"Oh god. You know I don't know what kinda game this is but I just want some coffee with my boyfriend."

"You are different from the rest." He pulled out pictures. Most were boys. I saw one girl.

"Fairies?" He shakes his head.

"We prefer the lightens."

"Are you high?" He chuckles.

"I wish. Now you need to be careful. You are the fifth girl in the lightens history. The leader of the dark side has been waiting for you. You are the strongest hunter ever born. Your father would've been proud." I push him against a wall and hold the knife to his neck.

"I will cut you. How do you know about my father."

"He was a lighten." I get a stronger grip on the knife.

"I do not believe you. Why would I believe you?"

"I'm trying to protect you."

"Well I can protect myself bitch!" I walk out of the room and get onto my bike and ride to Leo's house.

I give him a passionate kiss then a hug.

"Never forget that I love you." I say. He chuckles.

"Hard to forget a girl like you." I look at him.

"Am I that different?"

"Yeah, but that's what I like about you. I like not dating the same kinda girl time after time after time. I'm glad to not be dating my ex girlfriend for the fifth time." I chuckle.

"Do you ever feel like you're too good for me." He turns around and I put my arms around his neck and he puts his arms around my waist.

"Never." Then we kiss and start to walk to Starbucks.

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