The One *Completed*

This story is about a girl Amanda who starts feeling more of an outcast then ever. She sees things that others can't. It not only confuses her, but it scares her.


11. The Big Fight

The Big Fight

Jake stands behind me.

"Are you ready for this? You can back down." Jake asks. I shake my head.

"No I said I would, I have to." He turns me around and kisses me and hugs me.

"Please stay safe." Jake whispers tears filling his eyes. I nod.

"Okay let's get this love fest I have to kill a little girl." He cracks his neck.

"Okay." I stand in front of him. I point at him and think of him slamming against the wall. It happened. Yes I can just think my spells now. He looks up and I see a bold of lightning I jump up and fly it goes under me. I fly above him and mumble something. I brick comes into my hand. I drop it but he runs out of it's way. I blow air at him, he falls to the ground and the wind pulls his arm off... Yuck blood.

He looks at me and I stare into his eyes, they soon started to burn his eyes. He looks away.

"Ha! She made you blink!" Jake yells laughing. He is thrown on the ground.

"That was the last straw!" I mumble. I clench my hand into a fist. He looks at me wide eyed. I push him against a wall and open my hand then slowly closing it. The more my hand closes the more his throat closes. He points at my hand making it burn. I open it fast in pain.

He looks at me and pushes me to the ground.

"This isn't like your normal playground fight kid!" He punches me breaking my jaw.

"Amanda!!" Jake yells attempting to stand up.

I grab my jaw and it heals.

"I'm okay Jake!" I yell. I spit out some blood. I look at him and he catches on fire. He soon cools himself off.

He sends a ball of fire at me. I blow at it turning it around and it he jumps over it and it catches the wall on fire.

"I stay cool along with him." I whisper grabbing Jake's left hand.

Soon the whole building is on fire. I notice that he did the same thing as me because he walks through the fire. He pushes me into some fire. I stand up and yell. I push him on the ground and pin him down. Then I notice how I'm sitting on him. I blush. He looks up at me.

"Kiss me, I'll stop all this." I can tell he used the kiss of poison spell. If you kiss someone, with tongue, it'll kill the other person. I put my hand against his forehead and started pushing. I realized it was cracking his skull. I stop.

"I can't let you go that easy." I whisper. He was having blood coming out of his mouth.

"Admit it! You can't kill a man! Even if he almost killed the love of your life!" I slap him as hard as I slapped Jake. His skin broke. I wipes the blood off of him. The blood was as black and thick as oil.

He mumbles something I think it was in Greek. But right after he mumbled it I fell on the ground making me not able to move. I struggle. He pulls out a knife and puts it against my throat and slices it.

Jake's POV

He just killed her... Darkness won. I face the pain and stand up. I walk through the fire and I put my hand on her throat, healing the cut. I kiss her. I know that she is still alive. I feel her heart race faster. I kiss her harder making her her heartbeat even faster. I stop kissing her.

"This isn't working she's lost too much blood."  I whisper.

"I won! I beat The One!" My dad says. I turn to him and walk slowly to him tears falling.

"What are you doing?"

"Pain." I whisper. He falls to the ground in pain. I can see his skin breaking.

"Please son."

"I'm not your son!" He flew against the wall.

Ally's POV

I wake up. I hear Jake mumbling something in Greek making his dad die ever so slowly and painfully. I grab the knife he stabbed me with. I walk over to him slowly.

"You don't think I can kill a person? Even a person that almost killed the love of my life. A person that killed me for a few seconds!" I yell, "Well them check yourself!" I grab the knife and jab it into his stomach. I turn the knife. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he turns pitch black, then he turns into blood. I turn to Luke.

"Let's go." I fly away. He flies beside me and holds my hand and kisses me. Then I go home.

I completed what was needed.

The End

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