The One *Completed*

This story is about a girl Amanda who starts feeling more of an outcast then ever. She sees things that others can't. It not only confuses her, but it scares her.


6. Kisses I'm Off To See The King

Kisses I'm Off To See The King

I sit in my room brushing my hair and thought about being a lighten and what Jake meant. Have you ever noticed how cute Jake is? I have. Wait stop. You love Leo.

I turn into my lighten form and start brushing my long blonde curly sparkly hair. I have no idea why my hair changes but It does. Samantha's hair turned pitch black and her eyes turned red. I look in the mirror my eyes are green. I wonder why Samantha's was red. I don't know I just love how I look. My dress is made of autumn leaves. It has red orange even some green ones. I change my dress into my dress made of rose peddles.

"Time stand still as the living lose sight." Then time stopped. I fly out the window and see Samantha.

"Yes I got what to do. Yes I understand, bye." She turns off her phone.

"Hey Sammy." She looks over and sees me.




"You're also a lighten." Her face tightens. Then she nods.

"Yeah, can't you tell."

"Well I got to go." I fly down when I see Jake.

"Wow you changed your dress." I nod.

"Yeah." Jake looks up and sees Samantha.

"Were you talking to her?"


"Don't she's not go-"

"She's a lighten. She told me."

"Okay I trust you. How about you go back to the real world. Without your fairy wings." I nod.

"Okay." I give him a hug, "Thanks for everything." Then I kiss him on the cheek and fly back to my house.

"Time goes on as the living see once again." Then everything was normal. Jake knocks on the door. Wow, he's normal. He's not in his fairy clothes and his hair isn't black, it's brown. My mom answers.

"Who are you?" She asks.

"He's a friend of mine. Come on in Jake." He walks in.

I pull him into my room.

"Jake why can the world see you?" He chuckles.

"It's great isn't it? I need to tell you something though, it's big."

"What?" He sits down.

"You are The One. The fairy who is going to save us all." I shake my head.

"No I'm not." He stands up and comes close to me and grabs my hands.

"Yes you are. The Dark King is looking for you to kill you once and for all." I look down at his hands. He looks and I squeeze them tighter. We look up in each others eyes at the same time. He gets closer, "I'm worried for you Amanda." He whispers. I get closer.

"I'm not. As long as I got you." Then we both move in closer. He leans in for a kiss.

"I'm not as strong as him, but you are." He whispers, "But I will always protect you." Right before our lips touch I pull back and release my hands.

"We can't. As much as I want to, we can't." I put my head down.

"I'll treat you better then Leo." Jake whispers.

"I know." I whisper.

"Then why be with him?" I grab the collar of his shirt and pull him in for a kiss.

We kiss. It was better then any kiss I've ever had in my life. He puts his arm around me. I want more then a kiss for the first time ever. I start to pull his shirt up but he stops me. He breaks the kiss.

"I won't. We have work to do. We have to see The Dark King. Also, I don't want for you to feel like you have do do anything with me." I nod.

"Okay.. First I have to see Leo." He nods.

"I understand." I walk to Leo's house. Leo opens the door and goes to kiss me but I stop him.

"We have to talk." He nodded and we walked inside.

"It's over. You cheated. I have lost trust. Also I lost feelings."

"Babe, please."


"One last kiss."

"Fine." I kiss him on the cheek.

"Fine." I walk out. As I open the door I yell, "Stop looking at my butt!" And I turn around and he turns away fast.

I walk to Jake.

"Okay let's see the king." Then we walked off to see him.

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