The One *Completed*

This story is about a girl Amanda who starts feeling more of an outcast then ever. She sees things that others can't. It not only confuses her, but it scares her.


1. I See Things

I See Things

I walk in school hallway with my boyfriend, Leo, and my best friend, Samantha. Yep, we're the outcasts. I have always seemed a little strange, Leo says that's what he loves about me. Why can't I just be a normal teenage girl who cares if her mascara smears in gym from sweat, or who cares about how much fat is in the food I eat. I am not fat or something I just don't care.

I have never had a care in the world, my mom is always telling me to get my head out of the clouds. I have always dreamed too much and got upset when I find out those dreams will never happen.

I have always wanted to vanish. Not kill myself or something. Just like vanish for a while into another world where there's people like me.

The bell rings telling us school is over. I go to Leo's house to study for the OGT (Ohio Graduate Test).

I sit in his room as he flips flashcards at me. I am smarter than most people in my grade. When we go through all the flashcards he kisses me to congratulate me. While we're kissing I open my eyes for a second and see a dark figure. My face tightens up. He stops kissing me and turns around. Then it vanishes into thin air,

"Did you see that?" I walk over to his closet and opens it. Nothing I look out the windows. Nothing.

"If this is supposed to sexy to help the mood it isn't working baby doll." He lays down.

"I'm not kidding I just saw something." I said laying beside him and covering up with his sheets in fear.

"Amanda there's nothing there." I look at him with fear filling my eyes.

"Are you sure?"

He nods, "102% sure." He says as I put my head on his chest.

"Wait," I sit up, "Baby doll?" He nods and laughs.

"Thought I'd try something new. Like a nickname." I stand up.

"I have a nickname, you just don't use it."

"Because Mandy sounds like a dude's name." I hit him with one of his pillows.

"Is not." He laughs and grabs a pillow.

"It is. And this is how you hit someone with a pillow." He hits me with it.

Then feathers fly everywhere. Full out pillow fight.

"Okay I forfeit! Just drop your weapon." We both drop the pillows. I lay down and he sits on me, "Just kidding!" He starts ticking me.

I laugh and laugh. I roll over so I'm on top of him and I start tickling him.

He rolls back over and pins my hands to the bed. He looks at me and smirks.

"Look who won." He says with a smile from ear to ear. I break one of my hands free and grab the neck of his shirt and pull him down and kiss him.

"I think I'm the over all winner."

"Yeah, you know you are shockingly stronger then I thought." I laugh as we walk to his door.

"Well I had fun. I love you." I start to walk out but he grabs my arm and pulls my close to him and gives me one last kiss.

"Bye, I love you too." Then get onto my bike and ride.

As I'm riding I keep seeing a dark figure slide past me fast.

I stop my bike one time I see it. I runs into the woods beside my neighbors house.

I look at my watch.

"Well I'm already late." I ride into the woods.

I ride for about ten minutes following this figure. How am I not out of energy. I feel like I have just drank two hundred cups of coffee. I vanishes in front of an abandon warehouse. I get off my bake and throw it. It goes really far... I walk slowly to the warehouse. I stop and turn around and run to get my bike and ride it to my house.

I walk into my house. I am all muddy and smelly but I don't care. I sit down on mothers new white couch and turn on the TV with a cake.

"Amanda Johnson! What are you doing!" My mother yells grabbing the cake out of my hands.

"I was eating that!" She takes a sniff of the air and hands me a towel she was holding.

"You can finish it when you take a shower." I stand up.

She looks at the couch and gasps.

"This is silk! You are grounded! No Leo!" I start to walk away but she grabs my arm and yanks me to her.

"Never do this again!" She says in anger.

"Okay." She lets me go. I look at my arm, yep red marks.

I get into the bathroom and take off my shirt and pants.

I look at my stomach.

"Yeah I guess I could lose a few pounds." I say.

"I agree." I spin around to see a man standing behind me. I look in the mirror, no reflection.

"I am calling the cops." I grab my phone and dial 9-11.

"Hello what's your emergency?" I look over, he's gone, "Hello?" I don't respond, "Are you in trouble?" I look at the phone,

"Sorry I meant to dial 4-11." Then I hung up. I turn on the bath water. 

When it's filled up I take off my bra and underwear and get into the water.

"Thanks for the show." I turn, it's the man. I grab the curtain and cover myself. He chuckles.

"Who are you." Then he vanishes.

What the hell just happened?

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