The One *Completed*

This story is about a girl Amanda who starts feeling more of an outcast then ever. She sees things that others can't. It not only confuses her, but it scares her.


10. I Remember </3

I Remember </3

I sit beside Jake and remember all we've been through...

When we first met...

I get into the bathroom and take off my shirt and pants.

I look at my stomach.

"Yeah I guess I could lose a few pounds." I say.

"I agree." I spin around to see a man standing behind me. I look in the mirror, no reflection.

"I am calling the cops." I grab my phone and dial 9-11.

"Hello what's your emergency?" I look over, he's gone, "Hello?" I don't respond, "Are you in trouble?" I look at the phone,

"Sorry I meant to dial 4-11." Then I hung up. I turn on the bath water. 

When it's filled up I take off my bra and underwear and get into the water.

"Thanks for the show." I turn, it's the man. I grab the curtain and cover myself. He chuckles.

"Who are you." Then he vanishes.

Okay so not the best way to meet a guy.

When we actually met and he told me his name...

I wake up the next morning. I sit up and go to my dresser. I take off my shirt.

"Another show eh?" I throw my shirt back on and spin around. I pull out a knife and put it to his neck.

"Who the heck are you?" I say.

"I don't want trouble." He said putting his hands up.

"Who are you?" He rolled his eyes.

"How many times can you ask that question?"

"As many times as needed until I get an answer."

"My name is Jake. My boss went me here to tell you something."

I start to cry. I'm going to miss him. I remember when he taught me how to fly...

"Yes! How can you not tell! They are always staring! They hold hands when  you aren't looking. They kiss when you aren't around."

"Get out of my room!" Then I pushed him out the window. I freak out. I run to the window and when he was about to hit the ground he got wings.

"These things help a lot. You should try."

"Everyone would see."

"Just use magic to freeze time and make yourself unable to be seen."


"Just say, time stand still."

"Time stand still." Then everything froze.

"Now say, no see."

"No see." Then I looked in the mirror and I couldn't see myself.

"Oh my god." I whisper as I put my hand on my cheek.

"Now jump from the window." I look down at the ground.

"Are you crazy?"

"Kinda. But you will not fall. Just believe your wings will come." I stand on the edge of the window with amazing balance. I close my eyes and jump.

As I fall I trust my wings to come. Right before I hit the ground wings came. I flew into the air.

"This is amazing!" I yell.

"I've never seen you so happy." Jake says going to grab my hand but I pull away and shake my head no. He mouths the word 'Okay'.

I remember when we first kissed, the day I cheated on Leo then broke up with him...

"You are The One. The fairy who is going to save us all." I shake my head.

"No I'm not." He stands up and comes close to me and grabs my hands.

"Yes you are. The Dark King is looking for you to kill you once and for all." I look down at his hands. He looks and I squeeze them tighter. We look up in each others eyes at the same time. He gets closer, "I'm worried for you Amanda." He whispers. I get closer.

"I'm not. As long as I got you." Then we both move in closer. He leans in for a kiss.

"I'm not as strong as him, but you are." He whispers, "But I will always protect you." Right before our lips touch I pull back and release my hands.

"We can't. As much as I want to, we can't." I put my head down.

"I'll treat you better then Leo." Jake whispers.

"I know." I whisper.

"Then why be with him?" I grab the collar of his shirt and pull him in for a kiss.

We kiss. It was better then any kiss I've ever had in my life.

I remember when we went all the way for the first time...

"Darkness leave." I felt something leave my body

"I couldn't keep the dark magic. Because if I still had it, I couldn't do this." I put my hand on his broken skin and it healed.

"But now you aren't as strong as Bob." I nod.

"Yes I am. I still have all the magic in the world. All the dark magic did was block some of my good magic. I can still do all the same spells."

"You know time is still frozen."

"You know, I really want to sleep with you." I say. He chuckles.

"Really." I pull him back down and kiss him.

"Does that answer your question?" I whisper. He nods and keeps kissing me.

And that nigh- or I guess that exact same time we did sleep together. Not because I was scared he was going to cheat, because I felt that he loved me more then anyone ever has. And I'm glad I did... Because I really do love him more then life itself.

I remember everything. It doesn't matter that I remember everything his still in this hospital bed dying slowly. I lay beside him in the hospital bed. I kiss his neck. I felt his body turn to me.

"Babe, Where are we?" He asks. I kiss him.

"Time stand still." I say. Then I sit up.

"Your dad shot you. You are in the hospital." He looks up at me.

"I hate hospitals though." He started falling back asleep. I squeezed his arm.

"Stop dang you're strong!" He yells.

"Time goes on." Then everything started moving.

"We need some help in here!" I yell. We hold hands waiting for a doctor to come in. Then she came in.

"How did this happen?" She says.

"I don't know I just kissed him and he woke up!" She looks at me confused.

"I guess sometimes love is the best medicine." Jake says holding my hand tighter.

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