The One *Completed*

This story is about a girl Amanda who starts feeling more of an outcast then ever. She sees things that others can't. It not only confuses her, but it scares her.


7. Dark Is Just To B- Wait What?

Dark Is Just To B- Wait What?

Jake and I fly to the dark kingdom. They call themselves the Anti-Lights. So dark I guess.

Then we walk into the kingdom and walk to The Dark King.

He turns around and smiles. He's teeth are so yellow.

"Amanda." He starts to feel my hair. Jake smacks his hand away.

"I've come to see what you seek." I say.

"I want you. Your beauty and all your smarts. Please leave your Lighten form. I just want to see how you look again.

"No don't do it." Jake says.

"I can still use magic as the normal me." The Dark King smiles, "All is normal." I change into normal me.

"Wow, you're just a beautiful as I remember." The Dark King says.

"Well she's mine." Jake says grabbing my arm.

"How about you also change into your normal form." The Dark King suggests.

"No I can't use magic when I do." Jake says.

"Oh yeah. Amanda is more powerful then you'll ever be. But I can make you a deal. If you come to my side, you can have her magic. And we also have free cookies."

"Never. Anyways how would you get her magic,"

"I already do." He holds up a glowing floating ball. It sparkles like the sea. It's also as blue as the sea.

"Oh my gosh. Come back my magic!" It floats back to me and comes into my body.

"How did you do that?" Jake asks putting a knife to his neck.

"One, only Amanda can do that and be scary. Two, guards take them into my room." I heard some running and right behind me, was a vampire.

"Hey dude." I say. He ties my hands behind my back. Then he ties my feet. I turn into a fairy and start to fly but then they tied my wings to my back.

"Ropes untie!" Then the ropes untied from me and Jake and we started running. A large magnetic force grabbed onto us pulling us against a wall.

"It's a fairy magnet!" Jake yelled struggling.

"I am The Da-"

"The Dark King we know this we found you." I say.

"Stop it I'm trying to make this dramatic." He clears his throat, "I am The Dark King Bob. An-"

I start laughing.

"What's so funny." Bob asks.

"Bob? That's your name? You would think it was something scary. Or long."

"My name is Bob."

"At least use your full name Robert" I say.

"Stop okay. Now that I have taken over The One I can take over all magic. But I won't if you guys join the dark side." Bob says.

"Okay." I say.  Jake looks at me in disbelief.

"Really?" Jake asks.

"Yeah." I get off the wall.

"Wait you could get off that whole time?"

"Yeah it didn't pull me in the first place it just looked like fun. Anyways. What's the worse that could happen?"

"Yes! All this planning payed off!" I walk up to Jake and give him a kiss them I whisper something.

"Don't worry I have a plan." He nods. I turn around.

"Samantha! Turn this goodie into an Anti-Light." Samantha walked in. She walked up to me and cast a spell on me. Then my blonde faded into black and my blue eyes turned red. I turn to Bob.

"Now I'm more powerful then you. With dark magic, light magic, and the magic of love. I have every last bit of magic in me." He looks at me and nods.

"Now you can kill with just thinking about killing someone. Like Jake."

"Like no. I'm going to go to get something to eat." I start to walk away and he goes to use magic to pull me back but I turn around and use my magic to pin him against a wall. He looks up at me with fear in his eyes.

"I have more power then you now! Don't forget." Then I started thinking of killing him.

He started coughing. His face turned blue. I stopped the grip.

"Never forget the mistake you just made." Then I let Jake go and we walked out.

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