The One *Completed*

This story is about a girl Amanda who starts feeling more of an outcast then ever. She sees things that others can't. It not only confuses her, but it scares her.


4. As Cold As Ice

As Cold As Ice

"All stop!" I yell. And everything stops. Even the sight stops. So I can just say one spell and it does what I want. It's amazing. I fly. I see Jake he looks up at me and flies up.

"Did you just say the freezing time spell?" I shake my head.

"I just made my own. You should try it Jake it's fun." He flew in front of me.

"You don't think I try." I flutter to the ground and stand there.

"I don't know Jake maybe I'm just more powerful then you." I say picking an apple off a tree and eating it.

"No, not unless you are The One. The lighten that will save us from the dark king. Which shouldn't come for another thousand years."

I shrug, "Don't know." I throw the rest of the apple at him, "Here's a snack for later. Now please leave." He just stands there as I fly away.

Jake's POV

Amanda being The One. No. She doesn't even know how to get the the king of darkness.

Maybe she is.

I see her spin around in a perfect circle.

Wow, Look at her. She's so beautiful. It's like every movement she can make is perfect. I just hope she dumps that jerk Leo.

Ugh, Leo. I hate that guy with his perfect eyes and his perfect hair and his perfect everything! Why can't I be that guy? I'm better then him. Like I can fly.

I look over and see a perfect rose. I pick it. I pick up the apple.

"Red apple and Red rose." Then The rose was as red as the apple. and the apple turned into the shape of a rose. I give her both. She chuckles.

"Stop flirting!" She says through her laughs.

"Whatever you say Mandy." I see her blush.

Amanda's POV

Wow he just called me Mandy. Okay this needs to stop. I take a bite of the apple and throw it in the lake. Then I go to Leo's house.

I look into his window. He's watching T.V, with Samantha.

"Make time go on but keep me out of sight." Then everything started moving.

"Leo I had a fun time yesterday night." Samantha said putting her hand on his leg.

"Yep, but sadly it's over, forever."

"Come on! She will never find out. Remember I'm your dirty little secret." She rolled onto him and started kissing him. He pushed her off. She fell on the floor. I chuckle a little.

"I said no. I realized how much I love Mandy yesterday."

"Time rewind." It started to go back to where I wanted it, "Pause."

I fly into his house and turn into normal me, "Play."

"I said no! I realized how much I love Mandy yesterday." I stand at his door. He turns around and sees me. I flip off Samantha and kiss Leo real quick.

"I am so sorry. I've be-"

"I heard everything. And I still love you." Then I turn to Samantha.

"And we can still be friends Sammy." I gave her a hug.

"Are you even a little mad." Samantha asks.

"Nope." I say.

"That's why you are the girl for me." I give him a huge hug.

Yeah, I was mad. But love can over power anger.

"Stop!" Samantha yelled.

Then all time froze.

I couldn't believe it. She's a fairy. She couldn't know about me. I pretend to freeze.

"Oh my gosh! A hug? She won him over with a hug! I can give him more way more then a hug! I have given him way more then she has!" She sits down and crosses her legs, "I hate him! Play." The time went on.

The feeling of the room got so cold.

As cold as ice.

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