my life changes for the best

alexandra(ali/alex) isn't one of the most popular girls in school, actually ahe gets bullied everyday and she hate's her life because of it. she is 15 almost 16 and one day her life changes for the better. she can't believe what happens to her. will she find love or will her farther not allow it.


9. packing and prom part 2

Ali's P.O.V.

OMG!, We get to open up for the boys this is great after all us girls got over the screaming and cheering we sat back down to tallk to simon and dad with the boys.

about an hour later and we had finshed talking, i was in the kitchen with lacie making breakfat for everyone well except dad and simon cause they left after the 'meeting' finished.

i was flipping the bacon when i felt someone hug my waist from behind me "hey beautiful" harry said "hey" i said back 'when is breakfast going to be ready?" haz asked me "soon if you let me cook" i said.

"i smell bacon and eggs!" niall screame from the front door, he must of went for a walk with liam.he came in and looked at me and lacie and sat down at the table, harry gave my cheek a kiss then went and sat down with niall, we just finished making breakfast and niall came over to us.

"uh.... lacie can i ask you something?" niall asked lacie " you just did.............. no im kidding go ahead!" she said back, he looked at the ground and then looked back up at lacie " okay......."


Lacie's P.O.V.

I was cooking with ali and i kept thinking i dont have a date for the formal oh well i'll just go alone. we finished and niall came over and asked if he could ask me something, i made a joke out of it the said go ahead

"okay ......... lacie will you let me take you to the formal tonight?" he asked, i was so happy he asked tha i ran around the counter that was seperating us and jumped upa and gave him a hug. "so i guess that's a yes!" niall said laughing holding me up by my thighs.

"yes!" i said back.

we all sat down and then the other boys joined us and we ate our breakfast/ lunch and talked. once we were finished we put our plates in the sink and went to the lounge room to watch tv.

"actually lets watch a movie" alyse said , we all nodded and she put on the saphires and came and st down on the floor with the rest of us.

**2 hours later**

we alldecided to pack and the boys helped us at our houses.


Ali's P.O.V.

once they all got back to my place with their stuff cause there staying th night cause we have to leave tommorrow at 5:00am,i looked at the time and seen it was 3:00pm and the formal started at 6:30pm

"girls come on we have to get ready!" i shouted at them, we all ran upstairs in a rush and all the boys were laughing at us "shit your ass' up!" rosie screamed at them we ran into my room and got our stuff out of where we had been hiding it and layed them on the bed. we all took turns having a shower and then we done each others hair and makeup. after i had gotten out of the shower i put on my underwear and put a large shit over the top of them and ran into my room to see everyone doing each others hair and make up, i done my own make up and them lacie came over and done my hair.

we all got into our dresses and put our shoes on (A/N sorry but that took them 2 hours to get ready) these are what we are wearing:










Ali (me):


after we had finished we checked ourselves in the mirror one more time before we heard the doorbell, the other boys were here, it's our time to shine! we walked out and stood at the top of the stairs, we all walked down together with brooke and alyse in front them lacie and rosie next with me at the back.once we saw the boys their jaws dropped and we just smiled we went over to them and gave them huggs but i pecked harry on the lips he smiled down at me ans wispered in my ear "you look so sexy" i blushed and looked down he then lifted my chin up with in index finger and made me look at him this time he leaned in and kissed me properly not a peck but an actual kiss and i felt just the same as the first one we had together in the car parking lot of the school grounds.

we heard a click an pulled away and seen louis with his phone out "louis" we both said at the same time, he laughed and said "this picture is going on twitter!!" and walked away.

"we should get going" jamie said taking brookes hand in his and walking towards the door we all agreed and went to the limo niall and harry hired for us tonight.

we got there an our later and got out of the limo, harry took his hand in mine and we walked to the hall where the formal is being held once we got inside it was all lit up and ther was a disco bal in the centre with the light reflecting of it and it looked amazing, we all walked over to a group of chairs and sat down there wasnt enough seats so the girls sat on their dates lap.

***3 hours later***

we have been her for 3 hours and i've been dancing with harry evry now and then we had just gotten back on the dance floor and we were swaying to the music until emily and her girls came up to me with another girl jessie who was from my last school, we stopped dancing and tried to walk away.

"hey hazza why are you with the slut and her wannabe friends come join us please haz?" emily asked "first of all dont call me hazza or harry you have no right and secont of all leave me and my girlfriend alone your the wannabe and if you dont leave me alone you will have prston to deal with okay!?" harry yelled back to them over the loud music, "fine but we will get you back on monday freak!" jessie said to me over harry's should because he was standing in front of me while he yelled at them.

"soory but i wont be here on monday, im leaving tommorow to go on tour with my boyfriend and be his opening act with my band bitch!" i said moving around harry so i could see her and her slut of friends. "what did you just call me?" emily asked in disbelief

"what that i called you a bitch cause thats what you realy are and a slut to im not the slut i haven't slepped with anyone your the slut, but sorry i got to enjoy my last night here bye slut!" i said and turned around to face harry and pull him along to the others "watch out alexandra i will get you!' emily screamed over the music "oh im so scared" i yelled back sarcastically, i heard harry chuckle from the side of me. i smiled and was surprised i stood up for myself for once.. wait what preston was here?

"harry you never said any of your bodygaurd were going to be here tonight" i said to him "well he was the only one that could drive us and me and niall need a bodyguard especially if we have to deal witth people like emily and her crew!" he said "true" i said we danced or a little longer and we decidded it was time to go we had to be up early in the morning and its now 10:00pm, harry texted niall and told him to met us at the front entrance and i texted brooke,alyse and rosie to met us there to.

aboout 10 minutes later  and everyone was at the front entrance we walked ouside and went into the limo, i must of fallen asleep cause when i opened my eyes we were at home but it was jut me and harry in the car everyone els had gone inside already, he got out and helped me out and we walked to the door in silence but it wasnt the akward silence it was a good silence, when we got inside we seen that the girls had changed and they fell asleep in the lounge room with the rest of one direction, jamie and trent went home in a differnt car from the formal, me and harry made ourway up to my room and fell on the bed, we layed ther for a few minutes just staring into space before i relised we had to get some sleep.

i got up and changed into some swat pants and harrys jack wills jumper without the slippers:

after i had change i walked back into my room and layed doen in bed, harry wrapped his arms around me and i know he wasn't wearing clothes except for boxers but i was to tired to argue or say anything i soon fell asleep to harry singing more than this to me.



A/N  hope you like it

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