my life changes for the best

alexandra(ali/alex) isn't one of the most popular girls in school, actually ahe gets bullied everyday and she hate's her life because of it. she is 15 almost 16 and one day her life changes for the better. she can't believe what happens to her. will she find love or will her farther not allow it.


1. my profile


 Name: Alexandra Anne Harrison

AGE: 15

My best friends:


Jamie Jensen-16,

 Brooke Robinson-15


Trent smith-16,

 lacey Williamson- 15

I live in Australia

Personality: nice, friendly, shy, funny, soft hearted, sensitive and well mannered.


Hair: I have thick dark brown hair that goes just past my shoulders with some blond natural streaks.

Eyes: light blue/baby blue depends on what I wear

Height: 5’5

Weight: 43 kg

Siblings: 1 full sibling and her name is Justine who is 13.                                                      Then I have 4 other half-sisters that I don’t really know but I know their names and that’s about it. They are: Caitlyn, Madison, Amelia, kaylee.

parents name’s: Shane-dad


Colour: orange, purple and blue

Food: boost’s, sweet corn, chocolate, salad, and ice cream.

Music: pop and rock

Bands: one direction, little mix, Jonas brothers and the collective

Singers: ed sheeran, Cher lloyed, demi lavato and selena Gomez

T.V shows: anything but horror

Movies: anything but horror


Likes: singing, dancing, reading, hanging out with friends and shopping

Dislikes: mean people, bitches and snakes

Fears: spiders, snakes, creepy crawlies and heights


I also have a little information on my past for you:

I have a mother but she has never been around because she cheated with my dad’s best friend and she left after having my sister and then dad got full custody of us. I get bullied every day at school and my farther hardly pays attention to me and we never have conversations, then there is my sister  she is  3 years younger than me and my farther has always given her a birthday party but not me, the only one I had was when I was really little.

So that’s me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

***** authors note*******

im sorry about the other movellas but i decided to take them down i didnt know what else to do with them but i now have this one


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