my life changes for the best

alexandra(ali/alex) isn't one of the most popular girls in school, actually ahe gets bullied everyday and she hate's her life because of it. she is 15 almost 16 and one day her life changes for the better. she can't believe what happens to her. will she find love or will her farther not allow it.


10. im not a morning person and plane ride

Ali's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off to the new song 'wake me up' by avicii. i groaned and felf Harry lean over me to turn it off when he had turned it off he layed back down next to me, i was about to close my eyes again when i heard harry say that we had to get up cause we need to go too london today. In reply i just groaned again, if you haven't already noticed im am definetly not a morning person at all.

Harry just laughed at me and got up, he then picked me up and took me downstairs to the lounge room, i just cuddled into harrys chest and closed my eyes. a few seconds later i felt my self get thrown into the pool out the back, i came up out of the water and screamed "Harry edward styles im going to kill you!" he was standing on the edge of the pool laughing so i swam over there and put on my best pouty face "can you atleast help me out please?" i asked reaching my hand out he grabbed my hand and was about to help me out and at the last second i pulled him in he fell right next to me and i just started to laugh, i got out before he could grab me and walked inside soaking wet because of him.

i went straight to the bathroom and locked the door and got undressed then went in the shower, after i was done i got out and wrapped a towel around my body then one around my hair. i picked up my still wet clothes and went into my room to get changex into something warm seeing as it only 4:45am, i had like 10 minutes to get ready. so i went into my room and locked the door after i had checked no one was in here. i went over to my suitcase and grabbed this out to wear today and got changed:

after i had gotten changed i went back into the bathroom and dried my hair with the towel after i had dried it as much as i can i brushed it and put it up into a messy bun with my bangs left to hang either side of my face.

i walked downstairs and everyone was ready to go harry came over to me and intwined our fingers as he gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"awwww" we heard come from everyone, i blushed a bit the simon said we had to go and all our luggage was already in the cars.

i guess my sister came back to get her stuff while we were at the formal last night but oh well i'll just have to say bye to her over the phone later. we all went outside and sorted which cars we wer going in there was me and the girls harry and my dad in one car then ther was the rest of the boys in simon's cars with him.

*1 hour later*

its an hour later and im just chatting to brooke about what we are going to do and how much fun it will be, we finally arrive at the airport and get out, we take our luggage and go into the airport, we do what we have to do and get on the plane (A/N sorry but i dont really know what you have to do at an airport cause i've never been to one or caught a plane before sorry)

we are in first class and im sitting with harry and brooke and rosie are sitting infront of us with alyse lacie and niall next to them in the middle seats of the plane with zayn, liam and lou behind them next to us and dad and simon behind us.

The lady came over the intercom saying all this stuff like 'please turn off your phones for now and put your seatbelst on cause we will be taking off in a few minutes" i done as she said and started to talk to harry, this was going to be a long trip because we are going from australia, sydney to london which is about 23 hours and 45 minute trip  oh well i can get some more sleep then, but right now im talking to harry.

"are you alright al" harry asked

"huh, oh yeah sorry what were you saying?!" i said back

"i was just gonna ask if you wanted to go on a date sometime i mean if you want to!" he replied back

"sure i would love to, but you dont have to harry really i dont mind as long as i have you!" i said giving him a kis on the cheek

"okay i will make it a surprise if im taking you on one or not alright" he said to me " fine with me i giggled, i then started to yawn harry seen an told me to get some sleep so i agreed and fell asleep on harry's shoulder.


Louis P.O.V.

Wow harry is so lucky to have ali she is beautiful but i love eleanor and anyway ali is like a sister to me liam, niall and zayn and we only love her brother/sisterely love, she has gone through so much i swear if harry hurts her im going to hurt him and i dont think i will be the only one either.

anyway i cant wait to get back to london i mean i love australia the weather there is great but its just missing one thing and that is my Eleanor, i miss her so much i haven't seen her for 2 months and im so happy cause she gets to come on tour with us this time as well as perrie and sophia liam's grilfriend, i hope they all like ali she is frendly so they should get along really well plus i think niall might be getting a girlfriend soon to cause we all know he fancies lacie you can see by the way he looks at her.

we have just finished watching our 5th movie and now evryone is awake again and we are trying to think of something to do "i know lets play truth or dare!" said excitedly "okay" evryone said so we stayed in our seats but moved around a bit so we could all see each other "im going first!" i said evryone nodded and i started

"okay truth or dare........lacie?" i asked "dare" she screamed thank go we were the only one's in first class anyway i thought she would of gone truth but oh well " okay i dare you to kiss the guy you fancy on the lips" i said she blushed and got up  and walked past alyse who was siting between lacie and niall she bent down and gave niall a passionate kiss "okay that's enough" liam said they pulled away and blushe lacie went and st back down in her seat.

"okay um truth or dare to ........harry!" lacie said "truth"  harry said "okay do you love ali?" she asked him  he looked at ali and nodded his head "yes i do!" he said, she smiled and then it disapered "whats wrong?" i ask her, she look's at everyone then to me and hary again "um..." she said.

"hey its okay, i love you and im not going to pressure you into say it or doing anything you dont want okay!" harry said, aww he's so sweet you can tell he truly loves her, she noded her head.


Ali's P.OV.

I just nodded my head and layed it back down on harry's shoulder and soon fell asleep again and i think everyone else did to. im so glad harry understands because to tell you the truth i dont really know what love is because i only ever had one boyfriend and it was just a bet the second time, we went out twice but we never kissed. but i can tell you i really do have alot of feelings for harry but im not sure if its love yet i mean he's great and i really like him he takes such good care of me and thats what i like the most. blackness soon fell over me and i was fully asleep.




i hope you like it im sorry if ther are pelling errors i am really tired and cant sleep because i have to look after 2 babies today nd tonight again i donr it lst night to, but i love them any way hope you like it.




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