The Reason I Go On

Selena Gomez has been dragged around by her managers forever. Listening to every crazy thing they want her to do. One day she can't stand it. She breaks down and falls. Luckily, into someones arms.


5. Chapter 5 'Niall' "Dinner, Dates and Fights Part Two"

When the girls introduced themselves, Selena sat down. I sat down next to her. "Sorry about Harry." I whispered to her. "It's just that we're all great fans." Selena nodded, but stayed silent. I watched Selena. Everything about her was so different, yet completely the same. She tugged at a green curl and eyed me. She narrowed her eyes, and I simply smiled. The girls began to have a serious conversation with the lads, but I continued to stare. Selena got her purse and moved to the back of the limo. Far away from everyone else. I moved with her and smiled. "You know your managers aren't here. You can be nice." I said, slowly. She looked at me. "Did I ask you to come back here with me?" She said, glarring. I continued. "Don't let them change you. You are a great, sweet, and beautiful girl. Don't let them change that." Selena's face softened and she opened her mouth like she was going to say something. "We're here." Harry said cutting her off. Selena twitched and she snapped back to the bad girl act. We got out and Taylor Swift was standing there. Harry went to her and linked his arm with hers. Selena grinned, completely oblivious of what she was doing. "Tay!" She squeeled, running to her. Taylor smiled and pulled her into a hug. "Sel! What happened to you?" Selena began talking, fast. "Oh Taylor. My managers! Look what they've done and-" Selena stopped and stood up strait. She was back. Taylor nodded her head I know. But you can still have friends. Selena smiled and pulled Taylor into a hug. "What about Boyfriends?!?!" My mind screamed. "What about me?!?!"


Hi! Bye!! -Ari

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