The Reason I Go On

Selena Gomez has been dragged around by her managers forever. Listening to every crazy thing they want her to do. One day she can't stand it. She breaks down and falls. Luckily, into someones arms.


2. Chapter 2 'Selena' "Good Girl Gone Bad"

I stood in front of a full length mirror staring at myself. My manager said it's for publicity. Bur it's just not me and it'll get rid of my girl girl image. I was wearing my hair down with purple and blue streaks, a black leather coat draped over my delivate frame, raggedy and ripped jeans replaced my floral skirts, and leather high heels stuffed onto my feet. Don't even get me started on my makeup. All I can say is that I could barley see myself. I turned around to face my manager. She had a sly smile and folded her hands neatly. She barely talked. Maybe that's what makes her so threatening. Knowing she would give me a paper to describe what was going on I put out my hand. My nails that had freshley been painted dark purple looked threatening against the white paper. I looked down at the paper. It only had nine words. You are now going to be a bad girl. I looked up at her scowling. "Then what was with the good girl act?!?!" She smiled. "See?" She said. "You're perfect for it." I scowled and marched out of her office. I looked down at my phone to see a message from Justin. "Hey Babe:) i'm outside" i walked outside to see Justin's smile turn into a laugh. "Is this some type of joke?" I glared and shook my head no. He frowned.



Hey! Ariana is speaking! How do you guys like it? Comment suggestions and stuff... Thx!-Ariana

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