I Knew You Were Trouble

Katelynn runs away from her home just after getting braces. Shes the girl who is always in detention, sitting at the back, basically she is the rebel who lives by her own rules. What happens when she meets One Direction? Will she fall in love? Or will she end up doing something she regrets? Read to find out.


7. Why is he here??

Rachel's P.O.V.

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Why is he here? Katelynn looked at me with pure anger in her eyes.

He was here... my ex boyfriend Jeff. I pulled Katelynn and the boys into a different room. "What is he doing here?" "Why?" asked Louis. "That thing out there is my psychotic ex boyfriend...now answer my question!" "He's here because he just walked in." said Zayn. "So you people just let people walk in.."

"Nooo" said Katelynn. "So why is he here, wait Katelynn our plan!" "What plan?" asked Niall. "Me and Katelynn devised a plan for if we ever seen him again...and now were putting it to use." "Come on Katelynn." We walked into the living room where Jeff was. Katelynn ran upstairs and got something out of her bag...when she came back down I saw keys, a rope, and ducktape. PERFECT! She went and got some chloroform from the bathroom..they apparently keep some on hand. She grabbed a rag and dabbed it with the chloroform and went up behind him. I made sure he wasn't looking and gave her a nod. She put it over his mouth while I got everything ready. We walked out back and into the woods, there's an abandoned warehouse and somehow Katelynn got a key to the lock. We found the warehouse, put the passed out Jeff in there and taped his hands and feet together and his mouth. We nodded and did what we had to do...aka torture him in any way possible. We got out bows and arrows, and used him as a target.  The weird thing is we wont get in trouble cuz the cops know our situation and we kinda have a 'license to kill'. When we got home the boys asked what we did and I told them what he did to me..he kidnapped me and tried to kill me, luckily I outsmarted him.Then we told them what we did to him and about our license to kill. Lets just say they were pretty shocked.

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