I Knew You Were Trouble

Katelynn runs away from her home just after getting braces. Shes the girl who is always in detention, sitting at the back, basically she is the rebel who lives by her own rules. What happens when she meets One Direction? Will she fall in love? Or will she end up doing something she regrets? Read to find out.


12. Uh-Oh

Katelynn's POV

So we were walking and are now in the back of a strangers van. Ok then. Well let's see, it's me, Rachel, and Claudia. What to do, what to do. I heard them parking and getting out of the car. I looked at the girls and gave them a signal to be quiet and act like they were still asleep. They were walking towards a treehouse I built when I was 15. They climbed up a and placed us in the quiet room. Aka the room with Christmas lights and bean bags and a boom box. They placed each of us on separate bean bag chairs. They started whispering,and that's when I lost it. I got up, and started punching and kicking all the ewe of them. Once they were all down, I got the girls and we started running back to the boys' house. We ran in and slammed our backs against the door and started trying to catch our breath. They looked at us like we were crazy. "WHAT HAPPENED?" They all screamed at us. "We....kidnapped..Dalton...ran...back" "You kidnapped Dalton?" Liam asked. "No we were kidnapped by Dalton and ran back. "TELL US EVERYTHING!" Zayn screamed. So we started our story

*skipping story*

"Well your all safe now right?" asked Niall. "Yup" I replied. "Well let's go get Nando's!" "Ok!" We drove to Nando's, ordered our food-which Niall basically ordered the whole menu, ate, drove home, and went to bed.

A/N: I updated! Yay! This chapter is dedicated to DanieRaeStyles. Since I'm bored I'm gonna do a little guess the song

Lyric: when ya ready come and get it na na na na. Na na na

Song:_________________ by ________________

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