I Knew You Were Trouble

Katelynn runs away from her home just after getting braces. Shes the girl who is always in detention, sitting at the back, basically she is the rebel who lives by her own rules. What happens when she meets One Direction? Will she fall in love? Or will she end up doing something she regrets? Read to find out.


5. meeting my idols

A/N Hey guys so since I have only received one comment on who wants to be a girlfriend, I will be using her. Her name is Rachel. Enjoy!



Katelynn's P.O.V

  We ate Nando's and drove home. When we walked through the door Niall introduced me to everyone and I couldn't believe who was sitting right beside Louis. My best friend of all time Rachel! She looked at me as if she knew who I was and ran to me to hug me. The guys looked at us like we were crazy. Which we were, but they did not have to know that. We were separated when we were 13 because I had to move halfway across the country. Still haven't forgiven my parents for that. Anyway the good thing was that we were back together and could cause all the trouble we wanted.


Rachels P.O.V.

  When Katelynn walked throught that door my heart stopped. I never thought we would see each other again. But now we do, and I already know how many times the police will be called because of us. "So you two know each other?" Zayn asked. "Oh no were just hugging because were complete strangers, yes I know her weve been besties since we were like 3." Katelynn said. God how I missed her sarcasm. After talking a little bit more, the guys went to bed...but we didn't we were too busy sneaking out...


A/N hey guys okay if u don't wanna leave a comment, you can email me at whitneyhenderson74@gmail.com for the contest.

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