bully love?

in college Karlie is a just a normal 19 year old student until she see's her enemy/used to be best friend (Harry Styles) and he starts to bully her because of what happen in there past will they both hate each other forever? Or will someone or something change there emotions all together?


5. the 'pre' party ;)


SORRY GUYS BUT MY BOLD IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF!! it wont work soo sorry about that anyways HAPPY READING!! .XX


karlie's POV


            When i got done with my make up i called Madolyn because i didn't know what time the party started.

"hello?" Madolyn screamed into the phone.

"hey!" I said roaming around the room looking for a place to sit.

"hey girly! what's up?"

"what time does the party start? And can some of my friends come?...from One Direction. please?." I begged into the phone. I put Madolyn on speaker phone while turned the channels on the tv.

"6:30 and YES !! Can't wait to impress Niall with my new outfit!" Madolyn said

"Wait did mean the 'Niall Horan' from one direction and the 'Harry Styles'?!?!?!!?" Harry said in a high toned voice. I looked over at Harry and he was laughing. He took my phone "Yes love, This is Harry and thank you for inviting me and boys to your party" And here comes the sarcastic Harry. Harry winked at me.

"are you done yet?" i said bringing the phone back to my ear. Harry laughed and put his arm around my shoulders. 

"yeah haha so are you guy's dating? and Harry's band mates can come to my parties anytime they want!" Me and Harry looked at each other. Harry took the phone again. "Yes we are dating" Harry confirmed. He smirked and handed me back the phone. 

"OMG YOU ARE DATING HARRY STYLES!! AWW" Madolyn yelled through the phone as I blushed as Harry died laughing.

"Yeah i got to go i will see we see you t 6:30!! bye!"


 After i hung up i leaned my head on harry's shoulders and sighed. "Sorry about that and i didn't realize she was still a 'directioner'" I used air quotation marks at the end. Harry laughed then turned to me as I was laying down on the other end of the couch. "Sooo what are we gonna do til 6:30.." Harry said walking his finger up my belly. I laughed as it tickled a little. "Maybe we can-" Harry cut off as if he knew what i was gonna say. He immediately climbed on top if me and started kissing me and i dropped my phone from the floor. Harry was really good at this. I wonder if he has done this to any other girls? What im i thinking..of course he has. Harry kissed on my neck and hit my sweet spot. I quite moan escaped my mouth. Great now he know's my sweet spot. Harry smiled as the pleasure tingled up and down my body. "Harry im a virgin" he looked up from breast and said "That only makes it better" Harry pulled off my tank top and looked at my medium sized breast and massaged them with is soft hands he then lifted me up putting me on his lap as he unhooked my bra with one hand. I was so nervous i couldn't even think. I then pulled my shorts off climbing on to Harry and lifting his shirt off i then paused and looking at his beautiful torso. "Wow" I said . Harry fell back on top him letting my breast feel his warm body. He smiled. When we both were completely naked. He asked "Are you ready?" i nodded slowly. I then felt the worst pain in my life. I bit my lip in pain yelling Harry's name. He slowly thrusted in and out. "Shhhh..it will be over soon." and Harry was right it was and all of the pain turned to pleasure. I moaned again and as harry sucked on my breast and up my neck. Harry thrusted faster knowing i was enjoying it know. The feeling felt amazing and Harry only made it better when i heard he was enjoying it as he moaned softly as he rocked his hips on my body. When we finished we were both breathing heavily and very tired. I then changed into his big t-shirts and he changed also and i fell asleep in his lap.



  hey guys !! hope you like this chapter !! and yes karlie is gonna wake up in time for the party. anywho FAVORITE AND COMMENT.  LOVE YOU .XX





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