bully love?

in college Karlie is a just a normal 19 year old student until she see's her enemy/used to be best friend (Harry Styles) and he starts to bully her because of what happen in there past will they both hate each other forever? Or will someone or something change there emotions all together?




                     I woke to harry's soft lips crash on my face. I opened my eyes and and i saw his smile widen. "Karlie the party starts a 6:30 right?" I nodded. "Well you got an our to get ready because its 5:30". I shot up from the couch. "shit" I cursed silently to myself as i got up and went to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Then i felt Harry's arms snake around me from behind and a giggle escaped my mouth as Harry kissed my neck. "Babe i'm gonna go I have to go tell Niall about the party i'll meet you there ok?" Harry said looking into my eyes. "Awww ok.." I said putting on my best pouting face. As Harry was walked out the door he peeped his head out and said "And wear something sexy" he winked. I laughed as he shut the door.

      After I took a shower and dried my hair and straitened it with a bump at the top kinda like what cheerleaders do i guess. I put on my sexy makeup which was heavy mascara, eyeliner top and bottom with wings, a little bit of smokey eye shadow, and foundation. 

    I didn't realize it was 6:15 until Madolyn called me. "Hey gir you better be ready I'm walking to your room now."  I layed out my outfit on the bed which was a tight black dress that fit my slim figure perfectly and some black high heels. "ugh ok i'm putting on my outfit now bye gir bye." "bye." I hung up and put on my outfit and grabbed my phone and purse then Madolyn came in my room like it was her own room and said "you ready?" I nodded. We started walking out the door and Madolyn said "Are you sure Niall is coming?" She said as we walked out to the parking lot and into her red mustang convertible. "I'm positive and I just sent Harry your address too so i'm definitely positive he's coming" Madolyn laughed as she started the engine. I turned the radio and Story Of My Life came on and we jammed to the song all the way to her house. 

    "Wow your parents went big on this party" I said as I stared at the house with the balloons, ribbons, signs, and the loud music coming from inside. "Actually Makayla helped me with the decorations and parents went on another vacation to the Bahamas so I've got the house to myself for a week!" We got out of the car and went inside there were over at least 50 people but i knew that number would increase shortly. We went in Madolyn's huge living room and then the song wobble came on and me and Madolyn screamed in a excitement we went up and danced with all the girls on the 'dance floor' i guess you could call it. When the song was over we went and got some wine from the fridge. Then i saw Harry and Niall walking towards us. Madolyn froze. "I have to admit ladies that dancing was pretty impressive"Niall said. Madolyn blushed as he winked at her. "Haha thanks" We both said. I could feel Harry's eyes studying my body up and down as i took another sip of wine. 

     "Hey you wanna dance?" I watched as Niall got up close to Madolyn. She nodded and I watched them go out to the dance floor both of them grinding on each other. Harry walked closer to me. "You look so sexy tonight baby." Harry put his arms around my waist and started sliding them down until he grabbed my butt. "Harry stop!" I giggled. Harry stopped and looked at my dark brown eyes. Then I heard the song Grind on me come on and the dj said "aww yeahhh" I looked closer. wait. Is that Taylor? Hahaha yep. "You wanna dance?" Harry asked. I nodded and we went were Madolyn and Niall we and we danced with them. Harry pulled me from behind into him and I got his idea and I started moving my hips in a circular mostion as Harry controlled my hips were to go. The funny thing was I could feel his erection against my ass but I didn't say anything. 

        After that I guess you could say I got a lil bit too drunk with Madolyn when guys started buying us drinks and Harry got jealous and punched one of them out slam cold because the guy grabbed my ass. Then I guess Harry drove me back to our dorm and as soon as I hit the bed I thought to myself 'What. A. Night. 






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