bully love?

in college Karlie is a just a normal 19 year old student until she see's her enemy/used to be best friend (Harry Styles) and he starts to bully her because of what happen in there past will they both hate each other forever? Or will someone or something change there emotions all together?


2. one room together....

Harry's pov


       Me and the lads were against the wall chatting and then i saw Karlie. When i saw her face it gave back soo many memories. I then focused back to the lads on what they were saying. Then she started walking towards me. I tripped her and laughed. "hahaaha look she's so fat she even trips over her own stomache! baahhahha" we all laughed besides Louis as she got up and ran back to her friend."Mate......i dont know how you think she fat she is beautiful and slim" louis said. I hate her i thought. She disgustes me."Eww" i said back to louis who was still checking her out."Hello class Im your acting teacher Mrs.johnson and to start off the year we are doing a play and we will learn more about it tommorow. But for now we going into groups....but! i will pick them! soooo that means Harry you go with Taylor, Karlie you go with Louis, Madolyn you go with Niall,and......ect"

Karlie's pov


Louis walked over to me and we sat on the ground. "hello beautiful" Louis said as he winked at me. I smiled. "Hey haha what song should we practice on?" i laughed because i wasn't used to guys flirting with me. "how about stay by rihanna" i suggested. "erh...yeah sure". After we got done singing i realized our voices sounded perfect together. We both smiled. Then i saw Harry coming over "Eww louis why are you talking to that thing!??" harry said looking at me in dirty look. I looked up at Louis waiting for his answer. "First of all that thing has a name called karlie and im talking to her because I can and she is very beautiful and a great singer!"Louis said smiling at me. I blushed. "yeah, whatever" Harry said and walked off.


                       "Alright class i haved picked our 2 main character in the play and they are.....Harry and.....Karlie!!" NOOO i thought in my mind and as soon as she said that the bell rang and me and harry and raced to Mrs.Johnson and Harry asked " Hi erm Mrs.Johnson could we or one of us switch places in the play we do not work good together at all" Harry said. "Absolutly Not!! I picked you too for a reason and thats final! if u cannot not deal with each other than i will make get along with each other! so you to are gonna be in in one room TOGETHER for a MONTH!!" she yelled. "But i-" harry and i said. "Thats final!" Mrs.johnson  yelled and then walked off.




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