bully love?

in college Karlie is a just a normal 19 year old student until she see's her enemy/used to be best friend (Harry Styles) and he starts to bully her because of what happen in there past will they both hate each other forever? Or will someone or something change there emotions all together?



karlie's pov

When i walked in my new room or should i say our new room and Harry was already in there just getting done putting his stuff up. I said bye to Taylor and she said she would try to visit me as soon as she could. Harry looked at me and said "Really?" as i put my Lingerie in my top drawer. I laughed and put my bathroom stuff up. "Sooo....Do you like the play?" Harry said trying to break the silence. I just cant believe he was actually trying to start a conversation with me....I wonder why..because i know he couldn't like me, I think. I mentally shook the thoughts out of me and focused back on what Harry said. "Well yeah i guess even though i dont really know what the play is about yet..ha" Harry and i laughed and we both looked at each other and I realized we havent laughed like that together since 9th grade when were best friends and i had a little crush on him....then he got famouse and he moved on and broke my heart to pieces and then i decided to kiss his best friend louis... I guess thats why we both hate each other. "What happened to us Karlie?" i looked at him like he was the stupidest person on earth. "Well.....you got famous and moved on....and so did I...." i said sadly. He walked over to my bed and sat next to me and said "I'm so sorry Karlie i will never hurt you again" He hugged me but i didnt hug him back because i knew he was lying and he was just trying to mess with my heart....again. "No.....your not sorry your not sorry at all. All you wanna do is break my heart again..." and thats when I realized the words that flew out of my mouth and i didnt have time to stop it. I then looked down embaressed of what i just said. He pulled my chin up and looked directly in my eyes and said "Why didnt you tell me you had feelings for me?" Harry said looking heartbroken too and that was a shocker. "I guess i was to shy to tell you....but u dont have to worry about it now because im done with you." i sniffed and wiped my eyes and ran to the couch crying even harder. "Karlie.....i really did like you bu-". "Then why the HELL did you leave me!?!?" i looked at him with confused eyes. "Karlie I came back for you!! ok? and then when i was gonna ask you to go on tour with me I saw you making out with my best friend!?!?!?!" i looked into Harry's teary eyes and said "I was just trying to get over you.... because i LOVED you Harry!" Harry hugged me tight and i rested my head on his shoulders and i could feel him smile "I loved you too karlie..."

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