The lifeguard

a girl, named karlie, goes to her local pool where there are all new lifeguards this summer, there are about ten but only one who caught her eye. His name was harry.. karlie and her four other friends each find certain lifeguards they like.


2. the first day with the girls

           *karlies pov*                  Today we went to the pool, this time all together. Taylor was really excited to see the hot lifeguards and so was everyone else. we finally got to the pool at 1:00. Harry wasn't there which made me really sad but all the other hot life guards were there. Taylor liked Louis and so did Olivia. MaKayla liked Niall and so did Madolyn! they had to figure out who would get who. I stayed out of the pool bummed that harry wasn't there and hoping he would come later. They all laughed and giggled staring at the boys. I went over to them put my feet in the water "did y'all finally find out who gets who?" i asked "yea" taylor said. "ok sooo..." i said " i get louis, madolyn gets Niall, makayla gets Liam, and Olivia get zane." taylor said. "oh haha i knew madolyn would like niall." i said "like niall,hhahah your funny! its love niall! said madolyn. "ohh haha well then"i said. "why dont you get in the pool" said makayla as she splashed me "i just..." madolyn cut me off "go open the fence for that guy" 

                   It was harry at the gate! i looked back at them with big eyes, they looked back weird because they didn't know it was harry. i ran and opened the gate for him he said "thanks, but no running,love" and winked at me. i blushed and walked back to the girls. "why is your face so red?' said Olivia. "that's harry!" i said quietly. they all gasped "dang girl he is cute!" said taylor "shut up he's mine!" i yelled. harry walked by and heard me say that i blushed again and he smiled. he was going to get up on the stand. i went over to our table and took my shorts off and hopped in the pool.

                                 They all splashed me till i went under. Thank goodness i had water proof makeup on! Madolyn and taylor starting giggling and pointing at harry. "stop it guys he is going to see you!" i said "thats the point!' they laughed. "ughhh' i sighed. harry looked so hot on the stand with his curly hair and sunglasses! he blew the whistle and said "adult swim" even though we were old enough to stay in but we still got out to get a drink and snack. harry got off the stand and came to our table. he said " i saw y'all talking about me" with a smirk. "it was her!" they all pointed at me! "no it wasnt!" i said with my face cherry red " ok i believe you" he said "soo what did she say?" he asked them "hey!" i yelled and laughed. he looked at me and winked again. "she said she really likes you" taylor said. i was embarrassed so i got up and went to the bath room. i was a little mad at Taylor for saying that but i got over it. i walked back out and he was in my seat, i stood and waited for him to move and he didn't he patted his leg for me to sit and i did. "awww" said madolyn "shutup" i said they all laughed even harry. " so what did yall talk about?" i asked "you" said harry. i looked at him, while i was still in his lap which was kinda awkward haha, and he looked in to my eyes for a while. i almost melted.

                                The gray clouds started to come in and everyone left except us. it started raining and harry let us come in the life guard room where Niall, zane, louis,and liam were. "guys this is karlie,taylor,makayla,olivia, and madolyn." harry said. we waited a while and talked about alot of things. We found out that they are all in a band together which was even more attractive. The girls all introduced themselves to the guy they liked. everything was great. it stopped raining and we had to go. the boys walked us to the car, before we got to the car harry pulled me back as the others kept going. "can i have your number?" harry asked "sure" i smiled. i wrote down my number on a slip of paper and so did he and we exchanged numbers. he gave me a hug and then we left.


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