I'm gonna start writing Imagines they can be someone from (one direction, cody simpson, Justin Bieber, someone from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or any celebrity you want)
if you want one just comment, but nothing dirty
if you want one tell me

Celebrity you want:
brief description of what you want to happen:

So if you want one just comment, and i'll get it up for you


2. Imagine for Naomi


When I woke up this morning, I could smell pancakes and eggs coming from downstairs, I slipped on my slippers, and walked downstairs to find my boyfriend Harry Styles cooking me food, and yes it's the Harry Styles from One direction,but he wasn't just Harry Styles from One Direction to me, he was my Harry the one who i had shared the last three years of my life with, and he was also the person who was the father the child that was growing inside me. I am currently nine months pregnant.

Harry Suddenly looked up, and saw me standing there then he smirked, and said

"like what you see"

"you know i do", and then he walked over to me, and put his hand on my stomach, and then leaned down, and said

"Hi there this is your daddy i can't wait till i can hold you in my arms i love you so much, and so does your mommy you'll really love mommy she's funny, and nice and caring, and very protective, and so am i so you don't have to worry about a thing cause we'll always be here for you, and we'll always protect you",

Harry Stood up, and looked into my eyes and said "babe i can't wait till you have our baby i wish you could just have her now so that i could have my two favorite girls with me"

"Well your wish came true my Water just broke"

then Harry kissed me, and carried me to the car, and when we got to the hospital i was put into a room right away, and Harry was by my side the whole time.

I was in Labor for 7 hours until i had the most beautiful little girl in the world Darcy Anne Styles.

*2 years later*

Today was my wedding. Harry had proposed after Darcy was born, and i was walking down the aisle towards my future husband.

When i got to him, he looked at me, and said

"Now my world is complete".

The wedding went wonderful, and we honeymooned in Paris.

And now my world was complete i had my husband Harry, and our daughter Darcy, and i couldn't ask for anything better.






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