I'm gonna start writing Imagines they can be someone from (one direction, cody simpson, Justin Bieber, someone from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or any celebrity you want)
if you want one just comment, but nothing dirty
if you want one tell me

Celebrity you want:
brief description of what you want to happen:

So if you want one just comment, and i'll get it up for you


4. Imagine for Lizzie

When i woke up i went downstairs to the Gryffindor Common Room, when i got down there i sawFred. I've liked Fred ever since we were kids, we did everything together we even opened our Hogwarts letters together. I've been there for him through heartbreaks, and broken bones, and he's done the same.

"Hey Fred"

"oh hey Lizzie"

"so what are you and George working on?"

"our next big prank"

"who's the prank on?"


"when is the prank  supposed to go into action"

"after the Quidditch match today"

"need an extra pair of hands"

"yeah we do"

*4 hours later*


I went to where the Quidditch players waited till they got to play, and wished Fred luck,but then he kissed my cheek, he never did that before.


I went to my seat, and watched the game it was tied for a while until the Snitch was caught by our team, when we won I ran out onto the field, and into Fred's arms.

I looked up at him, and he looked down at me

"Lizzie i have to tell you something"

"what is it Fred?"

"I've loved you ever since we were younger, and the entire time you were with your ex-boyfriend i kept imagining it was me,and when you broke up you told me you'd never date anyone again,and i'm hoping that you'll change that for me you are my world, and my life will you please be mine"


"yes of course i will Fred"

"I love you"

"I love you to"

Then we shared our first kiss, and it was magical, and ever since that day we were inseparable.


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