I'm gonna start writing Imagines they can be someone from (one direction, cody simpson, Justin Bieber, someone from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or any celebrity you want)
if you want one just comment, but nothing dirty
if you want one tell me

Celebrity you want:
brief description of what you want to happen:

So if you want one just comment, and i'll get it up for you


9. Imagine for Amrit

I had just woken up to the smell of breakfast cooking then i hurried downstairs, and ran into my boyfriend of two years, Luke Brooks, and yes it's the Luke Brooks from Janoskians.

then he said 

"woah whats the hurry Am"

"sorry i just knew that you had to go on tour in a week i didn't want to miss a minute with you"

"well come on i made breakfast"

after we eat he looked at me and smiled, then he said

"so i was thinking that we could go for a walk in the park later on what do you say?"

"i say yes"

"good, but i have to go to an interview real quick"

"okay i'll meet you at the park later"


then he kissed me, and left

about three hours later i arrived at the park, and Luke was waiting there with candles in the water lit up, a bunch of roses, a big teddy bear with one of Lukes jackets, and Luke was down on one knee, and then he said" Amrit (Y/L/N) would you please make me the happiest man alive and marry me"

"of course Luke i will"

then he slid the ring on my finger.

*2 years later*

i still remember that day we were married 2 years ago, and we honeymooned  in Italy, and Spain, and we have two twins a boy and girl, Luke Jr, and amelia Rose i couldn't have asked for a better life,

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