I'm gonna start writing Imagines they can be someone from (one direction, cody simpson, Justin Bieber, someone from Disney Channel or Nickelodeon or any celebrity you want)
if you want one just comment, but nothing dirty
if you want one tell me

Celebrity you want:
brief description of what you want to happen:

So if you want one just comment, and i'll get it up for you


5. 2nd imagine for Lizzie

I had just woken up, saw that my room was completely empty, and then i hurried downstairs,only to find that the rest of the house was empty as well, and then i saw a note from my parents that said they had packed up everything, and moved without me, i went downstairs to the basement to see  if it was all a joke, but they weren't there, but i did find all my stuff, and

I did find another note telling me that they left due to business that they had to take care of, and someone would be coming to hang out with me, and stuff.

a few minutes later i heard a knock on the front door, and i quickly hurried upstairs to answer it, when i opened the door, i saw a tall red-haired boy standing there.

"umm...excuse me,but who are you?"  i asked him

"i'm Fred Weasley, my parents are friends with your parents, and they sent me here to stay with you"


"okay come on in" as he came in his arm brushed against mine, and i had goosebumps on my arm after that is it possible to fall for someone you just met, because i think i am.

When he walked in he asked me where the kitchen was i showed him, and then he just started grabbing things, but then he asked me to help so i started helping as i was cutting the item in front of me i accidentally cut myself then Fred grabbed my hand, and put a band-aid on it.

As he put a band-aid on my hand, he looked into my eyes, and i just stared at him, and then he gently put his hand on my face, and he kissed me.

When we pulled away i smiled, and i kissed him once more, and ever since that day i believed in love at first sight because i had found that with Fred, and i couldn't be more happier then what i was now.

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