"i sighed. I plopped onto the couch, then crossing my skinny legs together. I just sat there for a while, grabbed the remote, putting on some Geordie Shore, and no, Its Geordie not Jersey. I looked around and grabbed my phone. I logged onto twitter and just tweeted a simple, but effective, tweet:



4. Ohhhh someone got burned.

The plane ride was TERRIBLE! Babies crying, annoying 13 year old kept hitting on me, an old lay behind me kept pushing the buttons on the screen to hard. I was seriously about to cause her funereal. But its all over, and it's about to get worse. I grabbed my bag and luggage and walked of the plane. I searched for Liam for about a couple a minutes until a really hot man with black jet hair walked up to me. 

"Are you Peyton?" He asked. Must of been one of his band mates. 

"Ya...and your Zach right?" He chuchkled. Shit it was one of those really cute chuckles.

"It's Zayn." His cut accent ran through my ears. 

"Sorry," we began to walk to the exit of the airport.

"We're's the rest of the band and Liam?" I asked.

"The lads are back at the house and Liam is with his girlfriend, Danielle."

"Dude. He has a girlfriend? I bet she is SO out of his League." I said, he shaked his head and actually told me that she is really pretty, but then the bad news came.

"And I actually have a girlfriend too, so does Louis." If felt like my heart treated in two. 

"Shit." I muttered under my breath. 

"What?" Zayn asked.

"Nothing," I mumbled. Their was an awkward silence for about 4 minutes until I decided to contuine our conversation. I opened the door of the car and got in.

"So what's your girlfriends name?" I questioned.

"Her name is Perrie." Zayn answered.

"And Louis?"

"Eleanor." He said. We drove in deadly silence until we reached the house. 

"Wow." I had to say that; they had a massive house. Well duh Peyton, there pop stars.

We walked to the door and he knocked. About a couple seconds Later a pretty girl with puffy hair opened the door. Must be Liam's girlfriend. 

"Hey Zayn! And you must be Peyton!" She said cheerfully. I nodded simply.

"Well lets get you in, it looks like its gonna rain any second now." Me and Zayn piled in and I decided to set my bags down. 

"Hi." I said. 4 boys staring at me and one of them was Liam. The the guy in the middle of a blonde one and curly one started speaking.

"My name is Louis the tommo the Tomlinson, this is Harry," He pointed over to the curly haired one.

"Hello." He smiled. He is sexy I've got to admit it. 

"And this is Niall Horan who will eat all of your food." He said staing the blonde one.

"Hi." He's Irish, I like Irish men. And the. It came to Liam and me. He stared at me and then got up and walked away. 

"Okay, go walk away like the dipshit you are." He then stopped on his way to the stairs. He turned around and charged at me.

"LIAM!!" Danielle said trying to stop him,but because he is. Teddybear, he lightly pushed her to the side then punched me in the face. I didn't stand their in shock, I acted like a man and hit him  back. Then we started to fight. I was about to kick him in the balls but Eleanor was holding me back and the boys were holding Liam back. 

"Not even a hello you little shit."

"Why would I say hello to Dyslexic person? Like you even will understand it you retard." Did he just go their? He went there didn't he? I'm about to regret this saying but. 

"When you were born dead, I wished you stayed like that." I spat. 

Then the room Quentin absolutley quiet. Eleanor let go of me and the lads let to of Liam. And at first it seemed like he was about to cry. 

"You about to cry aren't you!?" Why'd I say that?!?!? I swear it slipped out of my mouth. I then walked upstairs. 



The fuck is wrong with me?


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