"i sighed. I plopped onto the couch, then crossing my skinny legs together. I just sat there for a while, grabbed the remote, putting on some Geordie Shore, and no, Its Geordie not Jersey. I looked around and grabbed my phone. I logged onto twitter and just tweeted a simple, but effective, tweet:



2. It's that time of the month. And I not having it right now.


"AHIBWDGAAKJASDFIAHSUAHRWGNFGUAHGAN" That is me....in pain. I rolled over in agony and took my phone. I turned it on, 3-6-1-4 and tapped on my messages. I tapped onto the group chat and texted:

Messages (2) 

Ellie, Kat:

Ellie: Why?
Kat: stop making my phone beep, its early.
Ellie: Bitch, its 1:42
Kat: Still
You: Just come...and bring chocolate and movies...and noodles.

I threw my phone onto my pillow and sat there with my hands on my stomach.

"If I was a boy....I wouldn't be in so MUCH PAIN!" I kicked my feet, I did a needle, I spread my legs out, I but my butt in the air while my face was planted into the bed, I did everything trying to get comfortable; but,

"I JUST CAN'T GET COMFORTABLE. COME ON PERIOD, cAN u nOT." Then i started to make whale sounds until my best friends came through the door. 

"Hi..." I whispered. 

"Hey babe, how ya feeling." Ellie being a good friend while lazy ass over here (Kat) just plunges her face into my bed and snuggles under the covers with smile on her face.

"I feel like I am being tortured."

"Well I can help you with that, I-

"Meredith! Please come down here!" Mom yelled. I sighed and shuffled to the door. 


"What...." she moved in the bed.

"Lets go downstairs and I'll make you some cereal." 

"But I don't waaaaannntttt cereal." Kat whined.

"Then what do you want?" Ellie questioned. 

"Bacon." She said getting out of bed. We all jogged down stairs. Ellie and Kat going into the kitchen to make some bacon for us and Me spinning on the stool as I was about to be confronted with some good or bad news.

"So Ma, what do want to tell me?" I asked as I bit on a green apple......ewwwww wax. I took a drink of my water.

"So you know that I'm leaving to visit Grandpa in South Africa for a visit?" 

"mmhmm." I nodded.

"Well I want you to spend some quality time with you b-

"BEST FRIENDS! THANK YOU MOMMY!" I said hugging her over the Island. 

"Let me finish," I stopped in my tracks. "Let you finish?" what was that supposed to mean?

"I want you to spend some quality time with you brother, Liam." Mom finished.

"OH SHIT." Kat said. Oh shit was right. I don't want to see Liam, that 10 inch dick head. How do I know that? Have you ever heard of the F.B.I. aka Directioners?

"But Mom, you know I hate his guts...." I whined. 

"Babe, it's been over a year.."

"SO?" I asked annoyed.

"You should see him." I sighed.

"This is your plane ticket." Mom handed me a white slip with blue writing. On the top it had British Airlines. (We live in Cali). I took a sip of my water and read it.

"TOMORROW! MORNING???!?!?!?" I choked on my water, Ellie hitting my back repeatedly. I whined. 

"You guys, help me pack please?" I asked innocently. They shrugged and nodded. We jogged back upstairs. The walked into my room as I grabbed my suitcase from Liam's old room. I lugged it back into my room and started filling it with my clothes, hair ties, shoes, bracelets, pictures, razors, pocket knife, my 69 matching t-shirt with Ellie and Kat. Everything I needed. I stepped on the suitcase, trying to make all of the things fit. It took at least 10 minutes to zip up. 

I panted as I rest my back on the suitcase.


"Someone take me out of the oven because I am 420% done." 



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