"i sighed. I plopped onto the couch, then crossing my skinny legs together. I just sat there for a while, grabbed the remote, putting on some Geordie Shore, and no, Its Geordie not Jersey. I looked around and grabbed my phone. I logged onto twitter and just tweeted a simple, but effective, tweet:



1. Chapter 1


 The names.....wait...why should I tell you. I don't know you. You don't me. But since you were good enough to read this; I will tell you my name....

If you guess my favorite color.

JK JK. The names Peyton. Peyton Meredith Payne. Yes, PMP and if you put an "i" between that, it becomes PIMP. Ya i'm a pimp....

No I'm not.

And also I am Liam Payne's sister. And i'm not going to say the usual. "Oh don't get excited, he is a real dick on the inside." No. You can get excited. But he is a dick. 

This story is basically about my struggles in life. And oh i have a lot of struggles. So lets get to the sappy and sad part of the story. Okay? Ready? Okay lets go. 

As you know Liam has a birth defect. So do i, he kinda- passed it on to me? I guess you can say that. I don't have a kidney, but a brain defect. I have dyslexia and its hard to say this but I get very attached to people. Its basically OCD.....with a person. And I was born with OCD. And when I say very, I freaking mean it. I'm a fucking tattoo, even if you get it removed, I'll still be stalking. 

Now here's another secret. Come here. Dude, Come put your ear to the screen and try to read the next sentence. 


I'm adopted. Liam doesn't even know that I know. I bet you...I bet you that during the story, He we will be in a fight and he would say these words,

"You are adopted, your parents didn't even like you so they gave you up." I bet you 100 bucks. I'm serious. Okay enough with the sad stuff, here are some random facts about me that I wrote down and gave to the author to write on here. 


Name: Peyton Meredith Payne

Age: 17

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye color: brown

Skin: Tan, but pale

Height: 5'6 or 5'8. somethin' like that.

Best Friend: Ellie and Kat

Artists: Half Moon Run, Imagine Drangons, Lana Del Ray, A lot of rap. etc.

So that is it. 

Bye now.....

you can click the next page now.....

go on.........

stop reading and- shoo!

I'm getting real tired of your shit reader. 

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