now you have me (Ed Sheeran Fic, but not much of a fic, more like just romance&cute)

Basically, this is my Ed fanfic and I don't want to give away the story here, but it takes place in high school where Ed isn't like famous, so yeah. Also, if you're reading this, I'm probably not finished with the story yet. Also, I always like to add something illegal to all of my fanfics, not like drugs, but something illegal. So, yeah. I hope you like my writing and my story. Have a nice day now and please enjoy.
Please do not judge my story on this blurb.
Blurbing is weird.


5. yo yo yo it's a new chapta of Meloday's lyfe

"Okay, so my parents are to be here in about two hours and this place needs to be spotless!" Molly started to rush me, but paused to jump and whisper, "so, did you totally get it in?" I blushed like I always do, like Ed always does, and I said the obvious no. 

"But, whatever with cleaning. I'm sleeping over tonight again." I said and went back to Ed's side, though Ed removing his sheets to reveal black boxer briefs. Dayum. He put on some pants and got to cleaning. Ed started to follow Molly, but remained inside the guest room instead. He knelt at my bedside and asked in a sensitive,loving tone, "Melly, would you do the honour of becoming my partner for a section of my teenage life?"

"If you mean, 'do you wanna go out' then...." I smiled, though my visceral response was 'this is escalating very quickly' but being the hopeless romantic I am, of course, I responded "yes". My headache began clearing.

With this news, his lips separated and widened into a giant smile. He kissed my hands with lips parted, but pushed together against my cold skin. He was so warm which sounds really awkward, but I felt cold until his lips touched me. It was awakening to my senses and I could feel everything I'd been missing.

Ed exited to help Molly clean, so I sprawled out. There went my first victim.

I drifted in and out of sleep after texting my parents my location and the usual ughs of life. I rose with a jolt, hungry as ever at around 1:33 AM. Though in complete darkness, I could identify the outline of a figure standing in the doorway. It's that moment when you know you're gonna die, so you might as well talk to  your killer. "Hello." I screeched, still half asleep. No response. No movement. Nothing. I got up running to the door cause let's face it, I need my food. I illuminated the room with the flick of the light switch. Nothing.

I made myself a small, microwaveable pizza like I always do at Molly's, then watched an episode of The IT Crowd, my favourite show. I had a long, romantic time with my pizza and I fell back into sleep. 

I woke, yet again, so much waking up I have to do, at around 9 AM to a buzz from my pants pocket. Just saying- waking up to that is incredibly awkward feeling. 
'hello, morning love x' -Anon

'Um, hello sorry, whoM am I speaking with?' -me

'Oh....Ed....Sorry....' I pictured Ed blushing.

'And.... how did you get my number?' -me

'lucky guess :) ;)' -Ed


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