now you have me (Ed Sheeran Fic, but not much of a fic, more like just romance&cute)

Basically, this is my Ed fanfic and I don't want to give away the story here, but it takes place in high school where Ed isn't like famous, so yeah. Also, if you're reading this, I'm probably not finished with the story yet. Also, I always like to add something illegal to all of my fanfics, not like drugs, but something illegal. So, yeah. I hope you like my writing and my story. Have a nice day now and please enjoy.
Please do not judge my story on this blurb.
Blurbing is weird.


10. sorry the chapters are kinda short :O , hopefully this one's longer ;)

I jolted awake to Human by The Killers and the volume of Ed's heartbeat accelerating ever to slightly to tell me he was awake. I rolled out of bed like the ninja I wish I was and due to my lack of awakeness, plopped onto the floor. I couldn't wear my dress to school. I wouldn't stand people seeing my cleavage or some of my legs. "uh, Ed.... do you have a sweatshirt and some pants I can borrow for school?" I asked hesitantly, not sure if I actually wanted to borrow mens' clothing. We would be stopping at my house to pick up my sack of schoolwork, but there would be no time for me to change at home.

"yeah," he smiled to himself, "here's a pullover and some orange skinny jeans that I've never worn." I couldn't believe someone would actually buy him skinny jeans and expect him to wear them. It was so not Ed. The sweatshirt was though. It was one of the coziest things I've probably ever worn. I felt like I was being hugged at all times from the fabric. I really was. I would always have him around me.

We rode on a double bike to my house. I don't know why we didn't just take his Range Rover because, hello, it's a Range Rover, but he doesn't like to drive it. Some things like this I just don't understand.

I grabbed my sack and we continued on to school except after swapping the double bike for separate cycles otherwise I would slow us down. We entered and went our separate ways. We were different people at school. Everyone has a school alter ego. Ed was awkward at school. He certainly wasn't awkward when we lay beneath the stars. It's just when we lay under the reign of jocks and girls that think power comes from exposure. Weakness comes from exposure which is why I can say I'm strong. Science was ugh. Social studies was ugh and even English was ugh. Just because Ed was in my class, didn't mean I saw him. The lesson was grammar and like if you don't know grammar then what are you even doing here? Not only that, but the two football players who found it necessary to wear their shoulder pads 24/7, were conversing about the pot exchange happening later today. Yeah, they were have a conversation through me basically. It was as if I was air, though I'm sure they'd prefer to breathe in gas for the sake of getting high off of it. In a way, I felt bad for them. They relied on drugs for their happiness. It made me realize how glad I was to have people like Ed and Molly. It's kind of like in Twilight when Edward was all creepy towards Bella and was like "you're my drug, my own personal brand of heroin". But guys, don't worry, I'm not like injecting myself with Molly and Ed's body fluids. That's quite disturbing actually.

Lunch I spent in the music hallway like I usually do, sitting next to Molly. Ed took his guitar into a practice room and we shared a wink.

"omgomgomgomgomg! I need deets gurl!" Molly exclaimed once Ed was jamming away in the isolated room.

"Oh my god. We are not having sex. How many times do I have to remind you."

"but if you did, you would tell me"

"but of course"

"so.... I missed you last night...."

"uh," I said which came out a little too high pitched.


"so, it started out as a surprise date location"

"mmmm" she winked.

"and I stepped up to his doorstep and it was just"

"hold up, the date was a surprise location at his house?"

"yeah, but wait, it's like the cutest thing ever. He lives in this adorable little cabinlike home with this stretch of land in the woods. We ate dinner, and like, we're both vegetarians! Then we sat on his roof and watched the stars and it was perfect...."

"gurl, your mum called me to ask if you were sleeping over and I knew you were at Ed's so I said she was totally at my house, so I know you slept over so DEETS PLS"

My blush lead into "Well, we slept together."


"oh my goodness, I told you we didn't do that. We actually slept."


"no, amazing"

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