now you have me (Ed Sheeran Fic, but not much of a fic, more like just romance&cute)

Basically, this is my Ed fanfic and I don't want to give away the story here, but it takes place in high school where Ed isn't like famous, so yeah. Also, if you're reading this, I'm probably not finished with the story yet. Also, I always like to add something illegal to all of my fanfics, not like drugs, but something illegal. So, yeah. I hope you like my writing and my story. Have a nice day now and please enjoy.
Please do not judge my story on this blurb.
Blurbing is weird.


12. hi

By instinct, I opened up my phone and wow. 23 text messages all for me. 21 were from Molly and 1 from Ed and 1 from my father. Daddy goes first. 

'I packed your lunch today, hope you liked it sweetie, I'll be home on Sunday after my business trip in Greenwich, love you' Aww. Next's Ed.

'hey babe, thinking about you, wanna go out later? -Ed 

I responded immediately, 'girls night :P ;) but I said we could meet up but maybe tmrw, k?'

I started to skim Molly's messages, but they were all the same. 'DONT FORGET TITANIC' or "OMFGOMFGOMFG TITANIC'. A vibration came out of my phone and an Ed text popped out of the blue.

'whale, whale, whale, I see how it is, I'll just spend my night playing Club Penguin :P ;)' -Ed

I laughed out loud and wrote back, 'win us some cash so you can take me out tomorrow :)'

'you've got a deal' -Ed

I walked up to Molly's doorstep which was quite close to mine. I knocked 16 times until she answered and ran out. We bolted into her car and sped to the theatre.  

We entered and in the back corner I could identify a man sitting. He wore a trench coat and a long dark hat covering his face and hair. Creeper. I decided I should go over and try to talk to him. Why not? Just because a man looks like a pedophile goes to see Titanic doesn't necessarily mean that he's going to kill you. He was just, awkward.

"Um, no Melody, stop" Molly tried, but I was already curious. They do say 'curiosity killed the cat' but hey, I'm not a cat.

"Hello there, why are you sitting by yourself in the corner" I asked what I made out to be a him.

"Um...." he spoke and looked up at me with familiar eyes.

"Really Ed?"


I stretched my neck and gave out a somewhat sarcastic "Hi" back. Was he cheating on me? No way was he cheating on me. He's too awkward to pick up anyone besides me. Why else would he be here to see Titanic of all movies. I know what he would say. He'd say it was a 'luck guess or lucky coincidence' that he and I were here together. But, really? Was it?


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