And She's Just The Beard.

They say you never forget your first crush...

I still love her..

and I'm pretty sure she loves me back..

That's great;


I have a boyfriend

We're only friends

And She's Just The Beard.

Torn between two

Who do you choose?

The one that you love

Or the one that loves you


1. Erm...Basically (Harry)



Have you ever fell for someone? Been completely head over heels for that person, only to find out that they don't have any feelings towards you whatsoever? Well, that's me. I, Harry Styles, was in love with my best friend, Allie Jonah. She was perfect to me, still is. I would do anything to hold her in my arms. Feel the warmth of her lips. Smell her lovely perfume, which I believe is the wonderful smell of Daisy. She was my everything. Was.

That word can mean so much. 

Don't you find it scary, how someone can have such an impact on your life? Then all of a sudden your whole world comes crashing down? It just spirals out of control.

Exactly. It's fucking scary as hell. But, Allie and I are still friends, even though we haven't seen each other in about two or three years. I can still rememeber those eyes. The ones that would narrow every time ber brothers would piss her off. The glare they would give me when I called her a nerd, bookworm. Or anything of that nature. The beautiful shine and gloss they would get when she would laugh or smile. 

I sighed as I slipped in the booth next to Louis. I ran my hand through my messy hair, messing it up just a bit more. I felt his hand rub my arm softly, gingerly and I smiled. He leaned over to my ear. 

"I hope this is worth it." He mumbled, tracing a pattern on my shoulder blade. I nodded. 

"Don't worry. They wouldn't call us here for nothing." I breathed and looked around us at the small cafe. The place was quaint and quiet. Just the place for a meeting with management. Ya know, the usually meeting on how to keep our relationship under wraps. Even though me and Lou have been doing a pretty good job by ourselves. 

The cafe smelt wonderful. There was a hazelnutty smell, mixed with the warm feeling of the fireplace, and sweet smell of blueberry muffins. It was cold and rainy outside, emphasisng the need for the wonderful aroma. The waitress walked by and smiled at us. She clearly checked me out, pushing Louis' act and to keep from stifening up. 

"Can I get you fellas any thing?" She gleamed. 

I smiled back at her, entrigued by her peppiness on such a gloomy day. It was true, her sunny attitude seemed to brighten up the small cafe. I looked up and nodded. 

"Can I just have a tea? Go easy on the milk and two sugars, please." 

She nodded, scribbling the order down and turning to Lou. He untensed and sighed. 

"I'll have the same." He smiled. The girl nodded again and looked up. "Anything else?" We shook our heads, turning back to each other. She turned on her heel and walked the other way. 

Lou and I returned back to our conversation, his blue eyes shining. I smiled at him and held in my strong need to rub his cheek and pull him into my chest. I smiled at one of his ridiculous jokes, taking his hand under the table. I loved talking to Louis, watching his eyes squint up as he would smile, his distinct laugh that I could spot out anywhere. I rubbed the rough pad of my thumb over his knuckles. 

I heard the bells over the door jingle. My head shot up and I saw a group of people walk in. Three of the four, I recognised as some representatives of Modest!. The other, a girl with blonde hair that was tied up in a high ponytail. She was about average height- a pair of high heeled over the knee boots, making her seem taller- and thin. Her tiny body sported a pair of skinny jeans that had tiny rips on the upper thighs with a plain white tank top and jean waistcoat. Her eyes were focused on her phone and she seemed almost in a trance.

"So, Boys, Who's your new friend?" Louis smiled, sitting up in his seat. 

Ryan, one of the representatives, smiled back. "This", He pulled on the girls arm, "Is Allie. Harry's new beard." 

My ears hightened and raising an eyebrow, I leaned forward. Allie?

My Allie?

It couldn't be. The girl lifted her head and I was hit with the intense stare of her big blue eyes. My eyes widened. She grinned awkwardly and played with a stray strand of her long blonde hair. 

My grin.

"Hey, Curly." She looked at me still keeping her grin.

I smiled, clearing my throat. "You look good, Al." I smirked my usual cheeky smirk, causing her to giggle lightly. Louis tensed up next to me, reminding me that he was still there. I pointed to Louis.

"Allie, this is Louis. Louis, this is Allie, my best friend from back home." 

Louis eyed me, extending his hand out. "Louis Tomlinson. I'm this Curly Freak's boyfriend." Allie nodded. She pointed to Ryan. "He told me all about your situation and said it would be of best intrest if I helped out." 

Ryan stepped forward. "We figured since you and Allie have some background, it would look more believeable than if we were to set you up with another celebrity or random girl." He spoke as he sat Allie down in the seat across from me. She shrugged out of his arms, rubbing her shoulder. 

"Pushy." She muttered under her breath. I smirked. "You get used to it." 

She looked over at Ryan, giving him a 'if you touch me again, you'll die' look and Louis chuckled, causing me to erupt in laughter. Narrowing her eyes, Allie looked over at me. Louis quickly shut up, biting his lip, as I kept laughing. She narrowed her eyes more and kicked me under the table. 

"Oi, Styles. You'll be the death of me." 

I closed my eyes and pictured the two of us in her tree house that one summer. Her blonde hair pulled into a blonde braid with a few wisps of shorter hair framing her face. Metal braces wired her teeth together. I remeber fondly how I used to tease her about her nerdy appearance. That was the first time that she had said that to me. And it's stuck in my mind ever since.

Ryan looked over at us, smiling. 

"It looks like we should be good to set the 'date' on Saturday. You're both free, and Harry, you and the guys will be at a meet and greet. We bring Allie to you and you both leave, come back here. Order something to eat. Relax, catch up. Do the normal first date material." 

I saw Allie smile a bit. "That sounds great, actually." 

I nodded and looked over to Louis. "Is that,okay with you?" I bit my lip hopefully.

He nodded in return, placing his hand protectively on my knee. "It's more than okay." He rubbed my knee, giving me a stern look that this probably wasn't going to be okay in his mind. I sighed. I had gotten used to Eleanor and she was now one of my closest friends.

The least he could do was get to know Allie.


"I don't like this." Louis grunted, proving my previous predictions about his feelings to be true. I sighed and slipped my Converse off. He crossed his arms. "I can see how this is going to turn out. They're going to make you go out with a ton of girls, and poor Allie will be stuck looking like the one who's being used. You'll get hate again. I don't like it when you get hate." 

I looked down, knowing he was right. I heard his feet pad over to me. He wrapped his arms around me from behind and started humming 'Little Bird'. I smiled slightly. 

"You're right. But if this is the only way that we can be together.." I breathed. "Then this is what has to happen." 

I felt his grip tighten on me as he leaned to my ear.

"I love you." He whispered.

I took a deep breath before whispering, "I love you too." 

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