Nothing Like Us

Justin Bieber was the schools "Bad Boy" but when he finds a girl he finds a side of him that he never knew about. How will JB keep his Bad Boy rep and a the same time deal with feelings he has never felt for before? What will happen when things go bad? READ TO FIND OUT! :D


3. Intro<3


Hey guys, this is the first chapter!

I hope you guys enjoy!(:

Sorry Charneet for the story plot, if you dont like it i will

be happy to change it!

Hope you guys enjoy!!!!!! <3



*Charneets POV*

It's the coolest of the coolest
It's the smoothest of the smoothest
It's the crudest and the rudest of the stupid kids
Mr. Vicious with his misses
Blowing kisses to his mistress
And his misses blowing riches like some hooligans
I wasn't tripping I just listen
To these women when they sipping on them juices
They say "Jaden yeah he's too legit"


And I be flipping cause they slipping
And they dipping in the pool they saying pool
And they be drooling cause I'm super rich
I might be tripping but I'm living how I'm living
I'm fourteen I'll be forgiven
So forget it bro I'm moving in
I don't care how you be getting all offended
Cause I'm taking all the women
Well I'm sorry bro I do it big
So just listen when I'm spitting
It's the realest that you getting
Of these writtens if you messing with the stupid kid
But if you isn't never get it
Cause I didn't mean to push you
If you want it and you need it girl then come and get it

It's the coolest

I'm the leader of the leaders on the leader boards
We be winning when I'm spitting I don't need the score
I just eat you like a cheetah and it's getting boring
Spitting bars check the blogs if you need some more
MSFTS in this man what's the deal
Me, Moy and Matteo yeah that's the trio
About to get up on the stage cause we feeling ill
Chilling with ebony crew depending upon how I feel
Cause the youth is taking over
Baby you can cry up on my shoulder
Sixer season ticket holder
And my flows are only getting colder
And I told yer
That there's no other
Please you ain't messing with my Cs in the Suburbs
Getting beats from Ace everyone knows that's my brother
And teachers tell me walk but I really rather hover in the jamfest

It's the coolest

It's the wanna be ghetto kid
Yes I'm about to level with
All of my homies, all of my fellows
It's crazy
Man you messing with the MSFTS
Man I doubt that we gon' settle it
That's because lately
I've been sipping on a soda
And I'm chilling with a hottie and she's really into yoga
My baby
Love notice what I wrote her
And she kiss me on the lips every time a joker show up
But they see
Just a bunch of kids who don't know what love is
And think that we should wait 'til we get older
Huh maybe
But I'd rather swallow throw up
Cause I'm chilling with my girl and I doubt I'll ever grow up
But you know what? They ain't gonna slow us up
We the youngest, we the ones that know what's up
I'm an alien my flow is just so up-ductable
Conspiracy theories never go as up
I'm done"



 I woke to my alarm blazing Jaden Smith's, The Coolest.

I groaned as I lazily got out of bed and into shower.

after i dried off i changed into this:


Not the cutest outfit but i am known as the 'Loser' of the school.

(A/n: Char not calling u a loser! your an amazing girl but this is only for like 10 chapters? Sorry): )


Well let me tell you a little about myself; Im Charneet or Char. I have a best friend named Mia. I love that girl to death<3   Shes an amazing friend but  always end up grounded or in big trouble becuz of her :/                     She is my only friend and the only one that sticks by my side, she has been my best friend since 1st grade and she is popular and has the schools football player as her boyfriend, Josh Henner What Mia doesn't know is Josh is my bully. He seems like this cute, sweet, amazing guy but when me and him are alone things dont go pretty... He beats me and one time almost raped me. I wanted to tell her but she would be so crushed. The last time a guy hurt she was never the same... Until she met Josh. I was so greatful to Josh he saved my best friend! But know i know his true colors.... a Jackass player. He flirts with ever girl at school and when someone tells Mia she just laughs and says that isnt possible that he is loyal and she trusts him. Blah. Well im #foreveralone the only relationship  i was in was with a boy named Issac. I loved him so much but i found out he dated me for a bet. He never explaned or apologized. He just left. Once he found out i knew, he never talked to me again..... Im 17 years old and yea. (a/n: I dont know your real age so yea:P) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`` SOrry its not very good. Hope you enjoyed <3 Xx. Laur <3  
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