British Fun

two best friends Louis and Kate have fun times together but after Kate starts taking boys more seriously will Louis be left behind?


2. Movie Night


           2. Movie Night


     "Louis! Wake up!" I called to him as I heard him rustling around. " What did you make for breakfast?" he calls knowing I didn't make breakfast. in my head I was thinking why did I wake him up? the sooner I wake him up the sooner we go to the movies! " Kate, are you still thinking about the movie? Don't worry you will be fine next to me." I think about for a while, but then just agree because I wasn't really in the mood for arguing. All I know is that Louis really thinks I am going to have fun when I know I am not going to be!

     I keep asking myself questions about the movie night. I still don't like this idea 100% yet. I mean, I trust Louis I just don't think a movie was the best choice for a fun night. " Kate! Come on! Its time for the movie!" Louis calls from the other room. I go and change. I think about all of the bad things that could happen while at the movies.

     When we get to the movies I get a little scared Louis goes to purchase the tickets and I go to get the popcorn. "Can I have 2 medium popcorns and 2 medium sodas please?" I ask in a polite voice. " Sure." the teenager answers I a sweet voice. By the time I got the popcorn and drinks Louis was back with the tickets. We got inside the theater and we had to sit through so many previews. But all I thought about was that Louis was right next to me the entire time.













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