Meredith just had an amazing time at camp with three best friends, sister, amazing counselors, outstanding preaching, and her crush. so what happened at camp? read to find out


3. arriving

Mere's P.O.V

   We finally got to camp and all of us were so excited. Fred and i raced each other to see who could get our bags quicker and the first one to get a tree won. 

"im gonna beat you"

"check yourself before you wreck yourself"

"oh be quiet Fry"

"ready set GO!!!"

i got my suitcase but couldnt find my sleeping by right as i found mine Fred found his. we looked at each other and sprinted to the nearest tree. 

Fred's P.O.V

She was so pretty with her curly red hair in a pony tail. next thing i know i am at the tree ive won i thought but i opend my eyes and say Mere already here.

"alright you beat me ginger"

" you beat i did buzz"

"i have to go the cabin see you at dinner" 

"ok bye"

Mere's P.O.V

"let's go to the cabin" i said to my friends.

*skip the walk*

"oooohhh Mere i say the way Fred looked at you he so likes you" said Emme

"yeah as a friend he dosent like like me"

"yes he does i promise, in fact i will ask him at dinner"

" go ahead it will prove i am right"

"i will"


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