The Doctor's Daughter

Heather has been living with her Dad for 12 years. But what she didn't know that she was a time lord with TWO hearts and her real dad being The Doctor and mom being River Song. what will she do go with her dad or stay with her family.

This story has the names to the characters in it and Clara is not i name i made up its a character in the show. I love the name mostly because its my name and this is my FAVORITE show EVER. thx plzz like fave and comment


2. leaning

"I don't really get it how'd this happen" I asked. "Well, when you where a baby I couldn't keep you and run around with the doctor, plus be in jail" river explained. "So I put you on the door step of a friend and they took you in" the doctor walked over to me. "I'm just as confused as you" he told me. "Then after I have you away, which I am sorry for, I went to the TARDIS and made it where it would come to you as soon as you turn 12" River continued. "Well umm should we go inside I don't want my dad getting confused about where I am, and I don't think he'll believe I'm in a little blue box in out backyard." I told them. "TARDIS it's called the TARDIS" the doctor said walking with me as we left.

"So you're the doctor's daughter," Clara said, "doctor you have a daughter." The doctor looked at me. "Yeah again" he said. I smiled. "Wait then what's with the weird dreams" I asked. "What weird dreams" River asked. "The dreams I keep having about the doctor and... I don't know" I explained. "Oh I know, I put those there so you wouldn't completely be without the doctor" river said. "How'd you out them there" I asked. "When you were born I asked them too and then whatever the doctor did when you went to sleep you saw" she said. "Oh, cool" I said

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