The Doctor's Daughter

Heather has been living with her Dad for 12 years. But what she didn't know that she was a time lord with TWO hearts and her real dad being The Doctor and mom being River Song. what will she do go with her dad or stay with her family.

This story has the names to the characters in it and Clara is not i name i made up its a character in the show. I love the name mostly because its my name and this is my FAVORITE show EVER. thx plzz like fave and comment


1. I"M A WHAT!?!?!?!?!

I ran downstairs singing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME" my little brother Michael "shut up no one cares" he yelled. "i do stupid" i said walking into the kitchen to get something to eat. i looked at the clock. "oh crap, i have to go" i said running for my bag and out the front door to get the bus.


After school, no one was home, i fell asleep and had another one of the weird dreams. I always had these weird dreams about a man with this time machine called a TARDIS and he traveled through time and space with Earth girls. The man had two hearts and thought bow ties were cool and there were 10 other versions of him and he was at the 11th version now and he fought things like darlaks and weeping angles and cyber man and the silence. He's married to he's best friends daughter Melody Pond a.k.a River Song. The oldest question in the Universe is his name because he goes and has gone by this name for almost his whole life. And that is The Doctor. 


I woke up to the sound of the Tardis. "No way it can't be" i thought out loud. I ran downstairs and into the backyard and in the right corner trying hide it was the tardis it had to be. i knocked on the door and i face i only saw in my dreams opened it and asked me what year and planet it was and i told them. I was invited in and the tardis kept repeating the same thing "its been 12 years" Then a woman  appeared out of no where and she pulled a tall man with a bow tie over to talk. "That's her our daughter'' The woman looked over to me and explain that the man was called the doctor and she was river song and the were my real parents. i believed that because my dad told me i wasn't his real daughter. They also proved i was their daughter. "Your a Time lord" the doctor told me

"I'M A WHAT?!?!?!?!?!'' 

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