promises 2


2nd book of promises, it would be more understandable if you read the first book FIRST..

"Happy 18th birthday Darcy" dad says and gives me a present.. "your mother told me to save this for you" he says and I open it to see a heart shaped locket, it was big. I grabbed it and opened it to see mum and dad.. thanks" I say and go in the bathroom to put it on but I accidentally dropped it and a piece of paper came out... And it had a clue.. what does it mean?



1. birthday

Darcy's POV I woke up to my alarm on my phone and quickly pressing the volume to turn it off, I got out of my warm sheets and placed my feet on the hard wooden floor. I went to my window and moved the curtains to each side causing the sun to beam at my face.. I looked away and stretched to the bathroom to wash up, then I grabbed my bag and headed down stairs "hey dad" I say "happy 18th BirthDay!!" He sang and I smile "thanks dad" I say and look into the fridge, "I already made bacon for you" dad says and I look on the counter, there was a plate of bacon, I looked at the clock, 7:50 School starts at 8! I grabbed a price of bacon and grabbed my shoes and skate board right next to the door "bye dad!! Gotta go, almost late for school" I say and run out the door slipping my shoes on and hopping onto the board, I skated to uncle Louis house and knocked on the door "oh hey Darcy, happy birth day!!" Auntie eleanor says and I smile "thanks, is calin there?" I ask and calin pops behind her "here" he says and I laugh a bit. Auntie looks at her watch and her eyes came wide "yeah, you guys better leave now, 5 note minuets till the bell rings" she says and calin runs out of his house jumping on his skate board "watch out hon" auntie says and I hug her "see you after school" I say and hop on my skateboard catching up to Calin "hey" I say and he smiles "hi" we both shared towards the side walk but we accidentally hit each others skateboard causing both of us to fall into a Bush down a hill "ugh" I say while calin pulls me up. I dust the dirt all overe and look up at the hill it was pretty steep, both of outlr skateboards were stuck between a rocks in the middle of the hill "2 more minuets" calin says looking at his phone. We look at each other and run up the steep hill grabbing ouslr skateboards while at it. Once we got up we both booked it to school, the bell had already rung and we were 5 minuets late, at least we had the same class together... Math "dang it" calin says and we both walked through hall ways, both opening the door to class "mr.Tomlinson and Ms.styles, Late again so..-" I cut her off "we know, detention for an hour after school" "that's right" she says and we both sit in our seats.. *** The last bell rang and I went to my locker and shoved my things into it "hey" sky says opening her licker right next to mine "hi" I say "hello" calin says on the other side of me "hi" I say "heard that both of you guys have detention for an hour" sky says and we both nod "but were ditch I g" calin says and I turn to look at him "we... Are?" I ask and he nods "yeah, were not going to waste one hour of your birthday to detention, were going to spend one hour partying" he says and look at him and laugh "yeah, since your finally 18, and we all get to party!" She says and I laugh, "yrah . I would love to but my dad probably wants me to come home after school" I say and they frown "its OK, but your still skipping detention" calin says and we both hop onto our skateboards "you guys should just go into my car while we drive to your house all at once" sky says and we just agree with her and head to my house, *** We got out of the car and went into my house "SUPRISE!!" every one says and I smile "awa, thanks guys" I say and they all hug me. And give my presents, that were really nice, dad gave me a locket of mum and him on it, I love it so much!! I went to the bathroom to put it on but I accidentally dropped it opening and causing a note to fall out of it, it had a clue and it said that it was from mum... Dad came in and picked it up, I quickly shoved the paper into my pocket and dad put the locket on me "looks nice" he says and I smile and both come out, they were all drinking, calin and sky gavee a bottle and I drank it almost puking, every one started to laugh, "here, try this one" auntie else says handing me a bottle. I took a sip of it and it was super good, it tasted like juice "yum" I say and grabbed sky and calin up to my room, we sat on the couch I had in my room drinking and started to talk for a while, hearing all of the adults laughing down stairs, we played different games and eventually got knocked out... AUTHORS NOTE : okay so here's the first chapter, not that much but I will update soon, its really late right now and I'm busy all the the time.. ANY WAYS, hope you liked it, please follow Me on twitter, @2000mroses
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