The Preacher's Daughter

"Amen, let us pray." As I bowed my head I could feel his eyes burning into me. He was covered in tattoo's, he probably smoked and went out to parties. My father would never approve. I had to have him.


3. Three

It was quarter to 8. I will still sick with nervousness. 

The last time I went to a party was a friend's Valentines Day party.

But I couldn't let anyone know that.

I slipped on my navy blue dress. It was just navy blue. Nothing else. Plain Jane. Yeah my Mom shops for me. 

I carefully made my way down the stairs. Thankfully my parents had already gone to bed.


I waited outside the coffee shop. It was already 8, had Harry forgotten about me?

Maybe this was all a HUGE mistake. 

I have no idea about this kind of thing. Should I drink tonight? I argue mentally over it until a black Dodge Charger pulls in front of me. 

The window rolls down revealing those green eyes flooded with dark intentions. 

"Get in." He smiled.

As soon as I got in he looked me over, taking in my dress and all. 

"You do know we aren't going to church right?" He smirked pulling off. 

I playfully hit his arm but inside a new insecurity rose. 

"Yes Harry, I'm sorry I don't have any party dresses. There's no way I could sneak them in my closet."

He chuckled, "I think you could sneak some, you're just afraid to." He confidently confronted. 

I shrugged knowing he was right, "Yeah.. you're right."

A sense of tension was there but I broke the silence. "So, what's the name of your 'pal' throwing the party?" 

Harry's eyes lit up, "You may know him, his name is Grimmy. He's a really funny guy."

I tensed up, "Oh.."

Harry cocked an eyebrow, "What?" 

I fumbled with the ring on my finger, "Nothing.. it's just he's my ex so I expect things to be a little awkward." I admitted. 

Harry gripped the steering wheel a little tighter, "Oh, I'm sorry I didn't know that. I'm so sorry Ariel-"

I dismissed it, "Harry it's totally fine. I promise." I assured him with a smile. He relaxed and we pulled in front of the familiar home. 

We were about to get out, but Harry pulled me back into the car. 

"Can I ask you a question?" He asked biting his lip. I nodded.

"What's a girl like you, dating someone like Grimmy?" It was a little bit of an unexpected question.

I shrugged, "I guess I like bad boys." I winked. 

I heard Harry do a low laugh and we walked towards the front door. 

My hand went to knock but Harry stopped me, "You don't have to be polite. Just walk in." He said pushing the door open. 

I followed Harry and felt nervous. 

I really hope he doesn't leave me, I don't know anyone. 

He grabbed my hand leading me through the crowd. 

There was a table with drinks and Harry poured a cup and handed it to me as well as one for himself. 

I hadn't decided to drink or not. "Come on preacher's daughter! Have a little fun. Get loose." He said nudging me.

"Told you not to call me that." I reminded.

"I won't anymore if you drink. Prove you don't want the title." He shot.

I looked at the bottom of the cup, come on Ariel. Just do it. 

I threw my head back and in one motion my cup was empty.

I heard Harry laughing, "Nice! I will no longer call you preacher's daughter. No matter how cute you are when your mad." He smiled. 


Three drinks later and I was feeling loose. Feeling good. Great actually.

My hand went for another but Harry pushed it away. "I don't think you need that." 

A whine escaped my mouth, "Come on Harry, you wanted me to drink! Well I'm drinking!" I said ignoring his advice and tipping it back.

"Ariel, you really need to stop." Harry leaned low to my ear. I was beginning to get annoyed. "I have to go to the bathroom." I said walking away.

Really I just wanted to take a break from Harry. 

I wondered around for another source of alcohol. I went into the kitchen and looked into the fridge.

No one else was in here. Weird. 

Nothing was in the fridge. Disappointed I turned to leave but ran into a warm body. 

"Grimmy." I muttered. 

"Good to see you to Ariel. What on earth are you doing here?" He asked amused. 

"What I can't party?" I slurred. He chuckled.

"Well, how have you been?" 

I shrugged, "Great awesome. If you'll excuse me." I said shoving him aside to leave. 

He grabbed my arm harshly, "I was talking to you." He growled. 

I winced, "I wasn't talking to you. This conversation is over."

He was about to say something but was interrupted by another voice.  

"Don't touch her mate." Harry.

I turned to see him leaning against the arch of the door. 

"Harry, haven't seen you all night. Where have you been?" Grimmy replied acting like he wasn't about to hurt me.

Harry walked up to me and put his arm around my waist easing me away from Grimmy's grip.

"With her. Don't ever touch my girl again. Got it?" He said, a deep anger visible in his eyes.

We whirled around and Harry removed his arm and held me hand instead taking me to the car.

He kindly opened the door for me but when I looked at him he was some kinda pissed. 


Harry hadn't said a single word the whole ride. "Harry I'm sorry." I said.

He looked confused, "Why?"

"Cause I was a brat. And drunk. I was a drunken brat." I said looking down ashamed. He shook his head and grabbed my hand.

"No, I shouldn't have let you go on by yourself. Drunken or not. I'm responsible for you. I could never have forgiven myself if Grimmy had.." He stopped and looked away.

A warm feeling filled my heart. Suddenly I remembered something he had said. 

"Harry, am I.. your girl?"


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