The Preacher's Daughter

"Amen, let us pray." As I bowed my head I could feel his eyes burning into me. He was covered in tattoo's, he probably smoked and went out to parties. My father would never approve. I had to have him.


1. One


My father took his seat and the rest of us picked up our hymn books and started to sing. I wasn't to bad, but I wasn't a good singer either. 

As we closed our books, a loud creak was heard. I turned around and saw a head of brown curls.


He was in a suit and looked a little overdressed for church which told me he didn't come often. He looked very embarrassed and took a seat at the back.

We began to pray and I kept stealing glances at him, he was very attractive. Damn. 

All of a sudden the church mumbled 'amen' and church was over. 

"Ariel, who is that?" My friend Ruth asked. I shrugged, "I don't know, he must be new."

Her blonde locks flooded her shoulders and I was yes, jealous. I was plain, with brown hair and blue eyes.

We watched as he stood and exited the building. "He didn't stay but like 3 minutes." Ruth said.

"Yeah, kinda odd." I agreed.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, "Ariel! You look lovely as you do every Sunday." I turned to greet Delia.

She was the sweetest old woman you've ever met in your life. She was like my best friend. 

"Thank you Delia, you look lovely as well." I greeted her with a hug. 

She propped a box at her side, full with canned goods. "Would you mind helping me with this? Can you take it to my car?" she asked nicely. I smiled and took the box and headed outside.

Leaning against Delia's Cadillac was the familiar boy I had seen earlier. A smirk visible on his face once he saw me. 

"Oh! Ariel, this is Harry my grandson! He'll be staying with me for the summer. Harry, this is Ariel the preacher's daughter."
I cringed at that name.

The preacher's daughter.   

Harry outstretched his hand, "Nice to meet you." He smiled kissing the top of my hand.

A distant call made Delia retreat leaving Harry and I. 

"So, the preacher's daughter. Won't you get grounded by just talking to me?" He smirked. 

My eyebrows knitted together, "No. I can speak to whoever I want and do whatever I want."

He stepped closer, "Oh really?"

I gulped, "Yes." Our bodies being so close stole all of words. I wasn't thinking or talking just looking at his eyes.

He smelled of POLO cologne. My favorite.

"That's good to know. I expect to see you this summer then?" 

I shrugged, "I guess."

"Ariel!" I turned to see my father waving me over to our car. 

I gave Harry a small wave and turned to leave but I felt a pull on my wrist. 

"Wait Ariel.."

I waited for him to continue, "You know anywhere to go and have some drinks? Like a party?"

I bit my lip, "Sorry, I don't go to parties."

He rolled his eyes, "Right, shouldn't have asked the preacher's daughter." 

I growled and turned around, "Find me if you hear about any."  

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