My brothers band mate

My name is Madi Horan! I'm 16 and I have been living in the US for a year now and I left when my brother went on the X-Factor. I thought he didn't want me so I went and stayed with my friend Starr's family. Now I'm coming back to see my family! I have lost my accent so I sound American!


9. Ch. 8

Madi's Pov

I walked into the kitchen. I think Liam likes me back! I can't stop smiling. 
"Madi? Why are you smiling like that?" Niall asked. 
"Oh no reason I'm just in a good mood today!" I said back. 
"Yeah ok." Zayn said smirking. 
I bit my lip and Liam walked in. I smiled at him and he smiled back. I swear his smile makes me melt, and his eyes are sooooo dreamy! "Liam! Madi!" Louis yelled. 
We both turned our heads,"What?!" 
"You two were staring at each other! What happened?" Louis asked. 
"Nothing!" We both said.(Liam and I)
We ate breakfast and Louis pulled me out of the room and carried me upstairs and sat me on his bed. 
"What are you doing?" I asked him. 
"I want to know whats going on between you and Liam." Louis said. 
"Ummm well, ummmm I might just kinda, ummm like him." I said only loud enough for him to hear. 
"I knew it!" He yelled. "You two are perfect for each other." 
I looked at him and bit my lip. 
"What's wrong?" He asked. 
"What if he don't like me back? Wait! I know he doesn't like me back. I mean come on! Look at him then look at me." I said. 
"Any guy would be lucky to have you! You're gorgeous! And you're smart, and funny, and you can draw and sing! And a bunch more!" Louis ranted. 
"Thanks Lou!" I said smiling. I gave him a hug then went back out to the others. 


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