My brothers band mate

My name is Madi Horan! I'm 16 and I have been living in the US for a year now and I left when my brother went on the X-Factor. I thought he didn't want me so I went and stayed with my friend Starr's family. Now I'm coming back to see my family! I have lost my accent so I sound American!


36. Ch. 35

Madi's Pov 

We walked downstairs to find everyone except Niall and his girlfriend. Thank gosh!!!
"Madi! Why do you have to be sooo loud??" Zayn asked. 
God Zayn! Fuck you! I thought blushing. 
"No thanks you can fuck Liam all you want he's your boyfriend." Zayn said. Wait did I say that out loud? Fuck! 
"Yeah you kinda did.." Harry said. The rest of the guys started laughing. Gosh! I need to stop! I was blushing dark red and hid my face in Liam's chest. 
"Awe! Little Mae is embarrassed!" Louis yelled. 
Liam chuckled and picked me up and sat on the couch and me on his lap. He looked down at me and smiled. Awe! He's adorable!
"Where's Niall?" I asked. 
"He left awhile ago with Emily. Probably to get food." Eliza said winking. I rolled my eyes. 
"Good. " I said then whispered to Liam," I friggin told you they would hear us."
"Oh well who cares, you liked it and I know it." He smirked. I blushed dark red. 
"Mae don't be embarrassed! We are all friends here except for you two. Y'all are way more!" Louis yelled and all the guys laughed and I just blushed a lot darker. 
"Let's play truth out dare!" Zayn yelled. 
Everyone sat in a circle and I went to sit down but got pulled into Liam's lap. I squirmed around cause I wanted to sit on the floor! I love sitting in the floor! Weirdo ik! But then I felt his not so little friend rise up. Oh my god! 
"L-Liam." I whispered kinda shakily. 
"Stop moving or I'm gonna have to rip your clothes off." He whispered in my ear. I looked at him and he smirked and rubbed my thigh and I blushed. 
"Madi truth or dare?" Zayn asked. 
Zayn talked with the rest and finally said,"I dare you to take off your shirt and shorts and go jump in the pool and leave off your clothes for the rest of the game." 
"Please no." I really didn't wanna do it. Liam tensed up. 
"It's a dare." 
"Ugh! Fine!" I got up and grabbed Liam's hand and walked outside. Liam looked at me and kissed me putting his hands going up my shirt then pulled it off. Then he got on his knees and pulled down my shorts. I bit my lip. What is he doing to me? He rubbed my thighs standing up and put his hands under my but. 
"Jump," he whispered. 
So I did and once I did I was up on a wall. 

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