My brothers band mate

My name is Madi Horan! I'm 16 and I have been living in the US for a year now and I left when my brother went on the X-Factor. I thought he didn't want me so I went and stayed with my friend Starr's family. Now I'm coming back to see my family! I have lost my accent so I sound American!


34. Ch. 33

Madi's Pov 

So Eliza, Jose, and I am grounded. Louis yelled at Jose after she said that and then Niall and me got into a huge fight because I got mad at his perfect little girlfriend. So yeah. It sucks I can't have any Liam. I can't even really talk to people. We are all locked in a room with no electronics. No phone! No Liam! No nothing! Yeah I have Eliza and Jose but we are all really mad at our brothers. I swear Niall had no right to do this to me! I just want Liam! I just need his perfect lips. He's completely perfect. 
"Madi!" Eliza yelled at me snapping me out of my thoughts. 
"Huh?" I asked. 
"What were you thinking about?"
"Oh umm nothing."
"So Liam?"
"W-What? No?" I said blushing. I'm a really bad liar! 
"Awe! That's soooo cute!!!" Eliza yelled loudly.
"What were you thinking about Liam?" Jose asked. I opened my mouth to answer but Eliza yelled. 
"NOOO!" I yelled back.
"ELIZA!" I yelled hitting her arm. "I AM NOT! STOP BEING DIRTY MINDED!!" 
Then Liam walked in awkwardly. 
"Uh hey girls?" He obviously heard what happened everyone probably did. 
I bit my lip and blus hed looking down at my lap. 
"Did you hear that?" Eliza asked. 
"Uh yeah." Liam said scratching the back of his neck. 
Eliza looked back and forth from the door to him to me. "Well ummm Liam?"
"Yeah?" He asked confused. 
"SHE WANTS THE PAYNE TRAIN!!" Then she yelled out. 
Jose looked at us and then she mumbled something and ran out. Liam walked to the door and locked it. "Is it true?"
"Is what true?" I asked trying act ignorant to the subject.
"You want the Payne train?" He smirked. 
"What's that?" Still acting dumb. 
He grabbed my belt loops and bucked his hips to mine hard. I moaned loud as I tried not to make a sound.  "Oh baby you know what that is." He said in a seductive voice. 
"N-No I don't." I said stuttering and moaning because of his friend stiffening upward touching me through our clothing. 
"See what you make me do." Liam said in the same voice. 
"I don't know what you're talking about?" I said gaining some confidence. 
"You're in so much trouble." He said laying me on the bed unbuckling my jeans. 

*This is your warning guys! Tension ahead!!

"Shh! You're in trouble remember?" He smirked. 
"This is like rape." 
"Not like you're not enjoying me like this.."
He then pulled my pants down and kissed the inside of my thighs and moved my underwear over. "Li-" I started but couldn't finish because I moaned loudly. He shoved his fingers in me. 

"L-Liam, N-Niall's gonna hear!" I moaned. 

Then he put his hand over my mouth......




Thanks for reading!! 

Hope you liked it!!

Tell me what you think?


Love y'all!!


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