My brothers band mate

My name is Madi Horan! I'm 16 and I have been living in the US for a year now and I left when my brother went on the X-Factor. I thought he didn't want me so I went and stayed with my friend Starr's family. Now I'm coming back to see my family! I have lost my accent so I sound American!


17. Ch. 16

Madi's Pov 
I pulled Louis into his room. 
"What is it Madi?" Louis asked. 
"Louis" I said about to cry. 
"Awe! What's wrong Madi??" He asked putting me in his lap hugging me. 
"Louis I need to tell you something. " 
"Ok angel what is it?" He asked. 
"Never mind I forgot." I said 
"Tell me when you're ready." He said. "Let's go back down."
We walked back down and Niall looked at me and ran over to me and hugged me. 
"Why are you crying princess?" Niall whispered. 
"Niall what if I get bullied again because of the picture?" I whispered back. 
"Look at me. I won't let anyone hurt you. You're my baby sister and we all love you!" He said. 
"Did she tell you Louis?" Niall asked hugging me. 
"No" Louis said. 
"Do you wanna tell then princess?" He asked. 
"Can you?" I asked. 
"Yes of course! Band meeting! Everyone living room now!!" He yelled. 
He sat me on the couch between him and Liam and he winked at me(Niall winked). 
"What's wrong babe?" Liam whisper asked noticing my puffy red eyes from crying. 
I just clung to his aide and he put his arms around me. I didn't say anything though. 
"What's going on?" Harry asked. 
"You sure you don't wanna say princess?" Niall asked. 
"Ok. " I said. "When Niall and I were younger, I was bullied a lot." 
They all except for Niall looked at me shocked. 
"Everyone at school hated me, they hurt me physically and mentally, but I never told Niall because he was the big star at school. Everything he did was perfect and because I was too ugly so I was bullied. " I said trying not to cry. I was holding on pretty tight to Liam and he was rubbing my back. 
"I never told Niall anything they did to me and lucky for me I didn't put it in my diary because he read it. Niall I'm sorry but I didn't want to tell you what I did to myself. But when Niall left I went to America with my friend. My only friend besides Niall and Greg but they don't count. And I was bullied even worse there. I was pushed over the edge I umm" I said crying at the end. 
"I tried to commit suicide. I cut my self. I jumped off a bridge. I took a lot of pills. I went anorexic. I was bad." I said crying harder with each sentence. And all the guys were crying now. 
"I'm soooo sorry Niall." I said hugging Liam really tight. I am really embarrassed that I did that and told them everything. 
"Princess it's ok. But why didn't you tell me?" Niall asked rubbing my leg to try and comfort me. 
"You were on top you were the star and I was at the bottom. Look at you. You're a big super star. I didn't wanna hurt you're image."

What will the guys say about her story? 
Will Liam ask out Madi?

Who's Pov should I do next??

Please answer me!? 
Thanks for reading!

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