My brothers band mate

My name is Madi Horan! I'm 16 and I have been living in the US for a year now and I left when my brother went on the X-Factor. I thought he didn't want me so I went and stayed with my friend Starr's family. Now I'm coming back to see my family! I have lost my accent so I sound American!


1. About me!

Ch 1. 
Hey it's Madi Horan here! I'm Niall's little sister. Yes I did leave my family behind and now I'm coming back. I don't know what's going to happen if I do go back but hopefully Niall won't be there. You're probably wondering why I don't want to see Niall! I left Ireland and moved to the US with my best friend Starr. The only reason I left was because Niall left me at the worst time ever! I never liked how I look I hate my blonde hair I hate my blue eyes, because I was bullied. I guess I wasn't as good as my brother. He was the star of the school and he never knew about what I went through I didn't know if he would care or not. But he does know that I was bullied and such because he read my diary. He helped me through a lot of it. Then he just left. My mum and dad didn't really care that I left so I just stayed with Starr. Oh and I'm 16 and Niall is 19 but oh well. I'm going back to see my mum and dad because I still love them. Well I've gotta pack so bye babes! 

******Tell me how you like it! This is my first story so you guys can give me ideas and stuff thanks ****************

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