Of Ants and Men

Prejudice poem x nuff said.


1. Of Ants and Men

Why cant you see!? I aint a flea. Not some commoner down on one knee. Or some insane mess that you can distress with your words of hate. But it’s much too late. The seeds have been sown. The vindictiveness of your nature is known.  The world is a box filled with every stone of different size and different form, a mass of clouds in a frustrated storm.

 People in crowds who all talk too loud some people are ants, too many are proud. The proud are the cruel, they torment ants with lies. The bugs are in dust while they reach to the skies.  The ‘perfect’ inhabitant of the world we all share, they step on an ant and no-one seems to care. Not even the ants, some close ones will fight, then be thwarted by sky dwellers’ black darkest night.


No right to be mean. Whether he is obese or she is unclean. Everyone is themselves, their outside their soul. If their face is toil ridden their heart is not coal. Versa in fact. It’s almost like this evil pact that those gifted with beauty or strength should cause pain that they should not refrain from pointing out flaws that ants like to keep behind closed and locked doors.

Just because one isn’t giggly or fun shouldn’t mean you should name them all under the sun. Nothing is right for a person to be, like if that isn’t green then it isn’t a tree.  People have many colours, and we cant pick and choose, those who can have so much less to lose


To believe that prejudice is right, it’s a medium of fear with no essence of light. We are all ants, just because you stand tall, doesn’t mean you’re not small, and the higher you stand, the harder you fall.

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